I was hacked

My Age of Empires III account was hacked and registered to another Email. I bought it through Steam and several years ago. I tried to recover my account through ESO but was unable to because they registered the account to another E-Mail address. I still have the Steam invoice, Product code, and CD key

The username that compromised my account was “kiyohira”

YOu have to reach out to Microsoft ^^ We cant help you here sorry

First - reach out to microsoft, so the hacker can face their anti-hacker punishment.
There may be a link to clear old registrated account to set a new password. Maybe someone else could provide it ? I have forgotten. :sweat_smile:

Note: Sometimes the account name only appear as some random name when failing to register…
If truly hacked, the unfortunate situation is that no Account names can be changed/adjusted/deleted.
The good news; with the material you have, you can set up your own new fresh password and security material to enter with.
I am sorry you suffered such bad luck, but despite this detour I am sure you’ll find it worthwhile as you come to play online in some chill community group

I have the exact same issue, I can provide all the information you may need to resolve such an issue.
I tried contacting Microsoft games and they redirected me to this channel. Could you please provide a little more specifics about whom to contact in order to reset the multiplayer account?
The problem here is that the product key is associated with someone else’s email ID. Even if we try to reset the account, the password is sent to some email which we don’t have access to.
Thank You

The username lookup tool doesn’t work properly. Ignore whatever name you’re seeing there and instead recall from memory your actual username that you have created. That’s the only solution, there is no hack involved, just broken software.

Having Account name but neither Email, Security Answer, nor password is complicated.
I believe, its going to be a 3-4 step process, so take it at a step at a time.

If you can provide the error messages (ideally Screenshots), people on the forum will be more likely to realise which obstacles you are facing.
Sometimes there is an error code or details etc.

Hello, Thank You so much for your reply
I haven’t really created an ESO account.
The very first time I tried to create one, it said that already another account exists.
The only thing I was able to do is to get the username of that account using the account recovery tool. Though having a username doesn’t help as I cannot reset the password as I do not have the security answer and my recovery mail ID is not mine
I am not getting any error as such

Ah. The ‘Account name already exist’ is 90% certainly a known game bug.
Just create a new account normaly, see what happends. (Which I assume you tried). But make sure the email adress is Microsoft approvale-able, as well as Account symbols are accurate & Password security meets requirements.
Refresh your mail to see what enters (check Inbox & junk box).

Then if still failing. (Which is possible).
Google ‘Register Registry cleanup AoE3’.
There was a link someone provided which may link to what you seek.

I was getting 'http://agecommunity.com/101.aspx' error actually.
I tried running the script(Win7_64Bit_AOE3.reg) and entering the key multiple times, but I was always getting the above error when I am trying to create a new account. Is there any other thing I can try to reset or create an account?

The error you’ve provided will defenately make it possible to receive a correct response from someone who knows.
I am clueless. Sorry.

I am hopeful somebody else knows…

Your Key was used to create an account.

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That’s what it says(I mean the error)
I am not sure what else I can do in this case other that buying another licence.
But there’s no guarantee that the new licence is also not hacked(or the key was used to create an account)

None of the ykeys are hacked, steam just had double used keys.
Send them a email and tell them the key is already used, same to microsoft with your steam bill.