I wish developers would add a game mode based on "Interjections Card Game(mod)" from aoe3 Legacy in aoe3:DE

With the addition of the new game mode “tycoon” and I remembered a mod for “Age of Empires 3 Legacy”
is a mode that eliminates the economic part of the game and focusing only on combat

I really wanted developers to take a look at this video :

“Cards is a 1v1 micro scenario that focuses on the best bits of AOE3, intensive fights and shipments.
The game plays out over 5 rounds. Each round you start on a fresh blank map with nothing except a town center. Your goal is to destroy the enemy town center using only homecity shipments. Shipments arrive instantly and you begin the game with 21 immediately available, once they run out - that’s it, you won’t get anymore! The player with the most points at the end wins…
(official part taken from the forum: Interjection's Card Game - ESOCommunity)”

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a mi me gustaria que hicieran que risk fuese un modo de juego oficial