I wish we earned more realistic unit skins in these events

Probably the best looking thing I have earned from these events so far is the new Battle Elephant skin! Please give us more skins like this(or something we can actually use regularly instead of a meme), instead of pumpkin knights, musketeers, beach towels, golden bells etc or other ridiculously cartoony stuff.

The BE skin is obviously not super real, but its miles ahead of a knight with a pumpkin head or a golden bell instead of berries


I agree, maybe make some regional units skins, or ones for elite versions of Unique Units as rewards, these “joke” skins are just worthless


I wish the spikes at the back came out of the sides instead, like stabbing through the rug or something.

Agree, can we have useful graphics/reskins please? Wingless Hussars, Reskins for existing hero units in the scenario editor? Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Amogavarsha, Mihira Bhoja, Saladin and Babur from the campaigns? Also for some of the SE Asian heroes? And some new types of berry bushes (maybe apple trees, banana trees not those horrible psychadelic pineapples but more like the mandarin orange bushes they added for the Lunar New Year, and later the Spring celebration event with great new water, grass textures and bright tone player colours!


I wish Elite Battle Elephants were also given a spiky skin. It’s disappointing that only regular BEs are affected by the mod.

Wouldn’t it be better to put those reskins in the base game rather than an event related mod that many in the community may miss?

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i wish these badass guys were available as skins…


Second Unique Unit for Teutons civ please :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Yeah lets give teutons a unique unit that conflicts with their paladin…

@WedgedAmoeba447 has it right. Allow them to use it as a skin.


Some gays had made this mod,Cursader kinght to reskin Cavalier
you can find it

Balancing issues are a big headache. No need to rock the boat for no good reason.

I agree with the title, but does that Battle Elephant skin count as realistic? Did anyone actually attach spikes to elephants like that, or make them wear helmets that look like skulls? (Maybe it’s supposed to be an actual skull, but I don’t know what of - not of another elephant.)

I think the best looking thing I’ve earned from events so far is Mongol houses that look like yurts… but then they took it away when the event ended. (I almost like the pumpkin farms too, but they have faces carved in them, and almost none of the civs had access to pumpkins.)

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What? We’re only talking about reskins here, not entirely new units…