I wonder

i just played against a multiplayer against mexica so at age 2 he revolted and then he turned back to mexico but he was at age 4 when he turned back to mexico is this cheat or a bug note:I was crushing him and he didnt have much resources at the moment

thats how mexico works, going to revolt in age 2 makes that revolt age 3, so when you go back to mexico its expected to go to age 4

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so they are getting more cards than other nations and age up cheaper?

Yes, you could put it that way if you really want.
But remember that when they are in the revolution they don’t have access to age3 tech. So a normal age3 civ usually is better than an revolution age3 mexico.


in addition they cant make vils while in revolt


ok guys thanks for the answers

But don’t they get a large batch of vills on age-up to make up for it?

only for the central american one, the other one gives you nothing.

Since mexico only get a 2 vil shipment and you cant train vils in the revolution i think its kinda equivalent to gettting early 5 vils, which is not bad but there are downsides

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Yes Mexico in revolt has completely new deck so they have access to a lot of cards

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