I would like to know how I can avoid a player?

There is one player in particular, who really has me very tired, I have a problem with him outside the game, and I really don’t like to find him in ranked, the problem is that at the level where I play there are not many players, and unfortunately I play very often with him. I really would love to know how I should do to avoid it, I have tried all the tools that the game offers, but I keep finding it. Should I block it for steam or something like that?

Thank you very much for the help!

This is not possible and should not be possible, otherwise one could just block all top players and play only easy unfair games vs newbies.


That’s right, but I think my rifleman friend refers to some troll, or someone toxic who is harassing him

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Silenciarlo y/o denunciarlo es lo mejor que puedes hacer.

Report him, if it’s true, he might get banned.