I would play Italy if Lombards had an investment toggle button

I love Italy, the unique units, architects, the Basilica, the cards, but I hate having to push the Lombard invest button over and over and over again to use them. It’s not a big deal in the early game when I don’t necessarily want to invest all the time, but in the late game when they’re all carded up it’s a big headache making sure I’m still making my vills and microing my military and investing res into the Lombards all on top of each other. No other civ requires as much constant eco micro besides maybe manual Livestock-gathering strats, and everyone still generally seems to prefer the Barbacoa or Livestock Market style of gathering Livestock rather than tasking vills to gather them.

I know it’s more work for the devs but if it’s easy I’d really like 3 buttons I can toggle on and off to invest resources when the stockpile runs out.


I’d prefer if there were less direct passive ways to invest in them.

They could change the Guardia di Finanza card to work more like the Cartridge Currency card that Ethiopia has. But instead of getting coin directly from killing units, it would just deposit it into your Lombards.

Many of their cards could also work similarly to Spanish Gold or Jesuit Influence and deposit resources with each subsequent shipment. Genoese/Florentine/etc Financiers could deposit some coin in each Lombard with every shipment after they are sent. They could maybe even have all crates directly deposited into Lombards.

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