I would really like to play the game

but i am disconecting for no reason and there is no way to reconnect

fix this software please.

Edit: Was a bit salty while writing the initial Report so i made it more neutral. Sorry

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Does it happen every multiplayer game or just this one time ?

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I used to have allmost no connection issues, but today i lost connection 3 times and also 2 3v3 couldnt even be started because of the game. Which means i wasted like 1h-2h due to bad netcode. No reconnect also is very sad and was standard for mp games 10 years ago already

I know, they need to add a reconnect option. Did you notice if you were playing in a region that is further from where you live, like if you are in Western Europe and you are playing in the Brazil server, or US east coast and playing in the South East Asia server?
I try to play in server regions closer to me and don’t usually have issues. But I have lost connection to servers that are still fairly close to my home region

Well i did play like I played the last half year (same ppl same settings) but the disconnecting issues only started yesterday. Killed the fun for me#

nothing changed, another qs game disconnected for no reason

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Unless something is wrong with your internet, but it has been happening consistently for the last 2 days. So it might be something wrong with the server, or the region you play in.
Do you know if the other player you always play with are loosing connection too?

Mostly me. Yeah i mean my internet browser is working just fine (i always immediatly try when i loose connection). Still there should be a reconnect button

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Probably just something with the servers
They must have some kind of reconnecting option somewhere because every time someone is dropped for connection loss it creates a saved game
Not sure how you can access those saved games

I´d really love to understand how you think a reconnect button in a RTS game should work…

That’s a good question. Even it only takes a few minutes to reconnect since it is in real time you could have lost already because of being down a player

  • teammates are able to destroy your buildings,a s soon as you are " out ".
    So, you could also have lsot alot of buildings you´d need. Like sweden torps, or japan with shrines.
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like in the original? Game stops for 60 seconds, if no connection, then you are out. Or you could just boot up starcraft and see how they did it.

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I dont own that game, thats why i said " ID LIKE TO UNDERSTAND ". Thanks for explaining.
Also you have a 60 seconds timer running, its jsut not visible and the game keeps running for everyone else. The upside from Server sided games.

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Then again reconnecting (if not done in the first 5 seconds) rarely ever happens. Also the 1 minute is completely arbitrary then, you could try to reconnect for as long as you’d like (if someone pauses, thats not an issue). Most MP games have a reconnect button, you could even close and reopen the game and then reconnect to a lobby. Just frustrating to me, that AOE 3 seems to be the only game with that issue for me. I played CSGO right after all those annoying issues and had 10-30 ms ping throughout 2h of playing and no disconnects (not even small ones)