I writed a letter for Microsoft Xbox and Relic.For gameplay more better!

Microsoft Xbox and Relic:

Don’t lose heart, this game is a lot of fun. I think there will be more players than when the game was released. In terms of gameplay, it was a revolutionary improvement. We can keep the game alive through improvements and additions to the game balance and gameplay. No pains, no gains. As long as the game fills in what it lacks, it has unrivaled potential for the future. LOL only control a hero .data only control a hero.But in AOE4,we can control a army.no just army but also a country.lol So bring,not interesting in the battlefield. They can only control one unit in the game, but in AOE4. there are many units ,some fighting,some running,some producting,some building,some healing,some holding. You don’t have to keep looking at one unit. You’re looking at every corner of the battlefield, not just observing them, but controlling them in real time. There are confrontations everywhere, and they require player control. but the LOL? Clearly, the game is more entertaining.

In terms of gameplay I would suggest that AOE5(a game from Future,it will come) be closer. Even though it’s not there yet. We know it should be more flexible, with more elements added. Closer to history. Such as AOE4 change from AOE2. So we need more magic. Appropriate magic.