Icon colors - what are they, what should they be?

So the dark blue is economy (and fortification, which I think should have it’s own color), the brown is military, and the green is… what? Upgrades? Have I missed any?

How do you think the colors should work?

I think nobody understands :joy:

I think the last age has a green (turquoise?) icon for a religious building.

Which makes no sense at all if green is for upgrades.

I don’t remember the specific shade of that gree and turquoise, from the top of my head.

Discussion is mostly in vain - let’s see how GUI looks like in the final release. People criticized it a lot for various reasons- scale, icon design, visual style etc. but it most certainly will be improved and expanded in v1.0, so no point in discussing how it was in an older build.

Colouring is partly a replacement for the lack of general grouping system (eco/military) known form AoE2, and necessity since icons are very simplistic and stylized and hard to quickly tell apart.

I’m not sure they need to be color coded. Players already know what building they are in. I’d prefer the changes focus on the images themselves.