I'd like hotkeys for "Select All [Military Building] Units"

I’d like hotkeys for “Select All [Military Building] Units”.

For instance:
“Select All Barracks Units”
“Select All Stable Units”
“Select All Archery Range Units”
“Select All Seige Workshop Units”

This will help me to position my counters before battle starts.



@CorpCodfish “Select All Military Units” is not fast enough because it requires your eye to move down the screen, see which icon you want, and tab to it (or click it). Having a hotkey that allows me to select units from a specific military building is quicker.

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could set groups with ctrl+1/2/3… help? though guess not faster since you’d need to seperate each unit type at first… :thinking:

@CorpCodfish I’m usually in moments where I’m churning out military units. If I used control groups it would require me to constantly assign numbers to new units.

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