I'd suggest the devs giving us a timeline for the future plans

People are too anxious and hypersensitive about what will happen and what will not happen in the future, and it’s not their fault.
I think the devs could in some way provide a brief outlook of what is coming up in the next year, for example, so that people at least will have an idea on that.

And I don’t think people will refuse to buy a content just because it was teased earlier.


I fully agree. Perhaps bi-weekly dev diaries to let us know what is going on with the development of the game should also be considered.


I fully agree with you.

It is a pity that the creators do not care about communication with players.


We’ll know more next saturday.

This is exactly what I expected for next Saturday.

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I wonder what they are planning for AoE 2, because when it comes to AoE 3 I feel irritated and I don’t expect anything cool anymore.

AoE 4 is probably another proof of the series’ failure and willingness to earn money easily. They make a game about the Middle Ages because they know they will make money on it. Developing a game in the new era (Victorian to?) Would be more difficult as it would require more work, ideas and learning. This is how they will sell the game that everyone will buy from the AoE 2 sentiment.

AoE 4 compared to AoE 3 looks primitive and aesthetic.


AoEII players just want AoEIV to be AoEII 2.0.


I am a fan of the series and I want AoE 4 to be AoE 4. From the Victorian era to the end of World War 1.

World War 2, Cold War and modern times are more suited to AoE 5.

I don’t get where this is coming from. Why do you think the creators don’t care about communication? Each patch they have a list of issues they are still working on. They have a showcase on the 10th. Maybe hold the judgements till then.

  • You cannot see their presence on the forum - not counting censorship

  • Very rare info from the devs - nice if they were inspired by paradox studio and their dev diaries in this case

  • Could organize polls on this forum, for example:
    Which region is the most lacking civ? or What civ do you want the most?

  • They could prepare a roadmap for each game in the series to extend the life and interest of their games


Different game studios do it differently. Does not necessarily mean they do not care.
This brings up a interesting question about game philosophy in general.
After we buy a game are we entitled to anything more?

In my opinion we are not owed anything. If it is buggy and it is not addressed then people will feel cheated and stop playing, and also that studio might get a bad name and it might put off people getting games from them in the future.
If it buggy but that is addressed then people might stick with them and accept it over time.
If they reach out to the community and get input that makes it into the game then they might make lifelong fans.
But are they obligated to do it? i dont think so.

Yes, because we bought their product. We deserve some kind of service and warranty.


Therefore, they should inform the players better, introduce them to the roadmap. I have the impression that the creators were only interested in AoE 2. They made AoE 1 and then they blew it. AoE 3 will add the US because they are from the US. They will probably say that Sweden is enough for Europe and the Incas are enough for native America.

I hope it is not, but I am still irritated by what I saw. Adding the US to this game is at the end of its needs.


This series is almost 25 years old. It has gained a lot of fans. It is an icon of the RTS genre. Their brand has great confidence.

They are committed to respecting players and developing their games. If it were not so, everyone would hate them.

AoE 1 DE was completely ignored by them. This game has great potential, yet it has been abandoned.


Despite all the fights about the new content recently, I do believe everyone would like to see this.
So do consider that devs.

Its technically illegal to sell a product of which you know barely works, but show it like it does. If a game is full of bugs you argue the game is not playable and you will almost always get a refund.

If you buy a game you definetly are entilted to support atleast in the beginning. If you buy a dish washer and it breaks down the first week out of your controll you still expect the company to do something about it do you?

I actually dont know anything around the legality of games. Do they have the same laws as dish washers? With Cyberpunk or fallout 76 was it illegal for them to release broken games? I mean it would be more then reasonable to get support, but is it illegal? Not trying to be funny here, honesty do not know. Might look into it.

If the developer has watched the discussion forum, frankly I am very disappointed

Similar to Paradox. They host dev diaries which are exciting to read for the upcoming updates.

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If they dont refund their game, you have a very large chance on winning in court. Even in those cases as fallout 76 lawsuits were issued and basically anyone wanting a refund got one.