Idea about a new Inca team bonus

Well the food generating bonus would not increase the food gathering speed but save a little bit of wood.
One could avoid the problem of other civs (that already have a food or wood bonus) becoming too strong by wording it like this:
“Farms generate 1 food per second when their not being harvested”.
In ranked I get raided a lot (1650-1700 Teamgame Elo) especially in the flank position, so it would be quite useful.
However, that might lead to an Inca minigame where everyone tries to have more then one farm per villager and switch them before the farm runs out to another one to (in theory) have infinite food without using wood…
So I guess the idea is a little to complex to implement…

I think making the slinger unit available to allies would be great. That would actually be useful. Yet that is not something which can be chosen as a Civ bonus.

I guess I have to think about something new…

I definitely like the idea of changing Inca’s teambonus.
Current Inca bonus is just a badly designed bonus.
It ruins the timing of seeding farms while doing mill upgrades (Horse Collar, Heavy Plow, Crop Rotation) for teammates.

Now you could think that would be buffing Incas in teamgames - but Incas is not a particularly good TG civ, where it’s all about collecting best options of each civ, when Incas is a civ that can surely counter everything individually, but cannot counter multiple best enemy options at once and at the same time cannot present a clearly dominant unit itself (with a lot of HP and damage output).


Like the idea, but maybe it could be a little bit lower in dark age (when it have most impact) in increased with every age.

Camps and Mills work 100% faster (all researches at these buildings in half time)

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Maybe it’s a bit too much half time, consider that it’s a team bonus, so everyone benefit from it.

Oh now I get it you mean REgenerate food.

Yeah that also would be my concern. A similarly working bonus that doesn’t feature such an exploit would be farms lasting longer. But then I’m not sure if that’s distinctive enough because it sounds a lot like the Chinese team bonus.

That would be way too strong imo. Slingers are only balanced because Incas have no cavalry. Image a civ with good knights and a good food eco (Slavs, Teutons, Franks, Khmer, Persians) having Slingers available in castle age. Even bad knights and slingers could break the game. For this, Slingers would need to be substantially nerfed and/or moved to imperial age making them less usefull to Incas themselves.

Apart from being more convenient for the horse collar timing that would be worse than the current team bonus. Only usefullness I see in that is if it was extended to all eco upgrades to include wheelbarrow (research time of other upgrades doesn’t matter all that much).

Well a +50% (or even less) research speed for every economic tech (including the TC techs) could be a good idea.
Alone it wouldn’t be that powerful alone, a bit like a weak persians’ bonus, but if shared with other civs it could have a nice synergy.

I like this one !
I was away from the forum for a long time but I saw people discuss this topic.
I am glad people care about this and even though you did not agree to my idea, Im ok with it. Since the idea of camps working 2x faster is cool and seems balanced , I will support it

Another possibility is increasing the firing rate of some buildings (e.g., towers), which fits nice with their gamestyle…

Another one is speeding up the construction of houses instead of farms… Sure people that get frequently housed will like that!

Maybe it’s a bit too much for a team bonus.

Mmm could work, but since you reseed farm a lot more often than build houses you it should be a bit more than 50%.
For sure it would give them ■■■■ of start, with the need of building just 1 house and having a free lama.

More defensive: TC +1range

Focused on towers: towers cost -xx less wood (20?)

Another option is discounted (or free) gold mining upgrade

Another option is showing the location of your own boars (not the opponent ones of course)

Another option is that villagers receive less damage from boars and/or wolves

Houses supporting +1 pop?

Just spamming ideas

Mmm, some are bonus that already exists, other are an effect a bit neglectable.



Incas already have 10pop houses, +1 it’s not that much.

No, now that 6 range let manganels hit TC (with the exception of the Lithuanians, but after a castle).

Not that much.

I would prefer that the bonus would remain farm related, just buffed or sincronized with the mill.

Right I was thinking of stone

Even a small reduction of cost of mill techs or mill itself. I know that overlaps a bit with Japanese/Frank, but similar mechanics are present for instance with saracen team bonus and mayans ut

Goths free loom and Aztecs extra 50g is another example

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I am proposing all weak bonuses, since in my mind a team bonus should be weak.

I will try to stay on the farms as suggested with two options a bit stronger:

  1. farmers regenerate their hp.
  2. farmers carry +1 food from castle age (or imperial age)

Option 2 is super powerful in feudal, that is why it has to be postponed at least in castle age…

That’s a bit more complex - they work in a 2x2 square, but that’s a square of 3x3 tiles. That way you can’t have 2 villagers working at the same point. Maybe it would be hard to program.

I think that would be an awesome civ bonus.
(But probably hard to code since they are Gaia’s boars and not yours)

The boar bonus is also not really fitting for the Incas.
They already have a great start and a strong tower rush. The bonus should be a very slight eco buff in mid to late game were they fall off compared to Maya and Aztec…

Perhaps something like: “Gold miners carry +1 per age” could work well. It is not a big buff but Incas can use the extra gold very well and teammates would not complain either.

I proposed it for farmers, but also for other resources is fine!

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