Idea after killing cavalry

What if killing the normal cavalry only the horse dies and continues to fight the soldier, based on his weapon, a bit like the Bulgarian Konnik?
For example an archer on horseback would leave an archer/crossbowman with less life and armor than a real archer/crossbowman, or a light cavalry left an infantry or longsword type soldier, or a new tipe of soldiers.

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this would take away from what makes the konnik so unique.
furthermore this would require a rebalance of both cavalry and cavalry archers around either lower stats or higher cost, and i don’t think its a good change overall.


True. It was an ipotetic change but very important rebalance of all game, bulgarian too. Maybe it would be enough to create 2-3 different unique units for this purpose. E.g. A different archer to be inserted only at the death of the archer on horseback.

I like the idea, but at the same time I agree with MatCauthon .
If this would be applied, I think it should depends of a random factor. I mean, % of posibilities that the fallen soldier stand up and keep fighting.
Another similar mechanic could be to give monks the ability to health fallen units and give them a 2nd chance.


Sure, let’s break 22 years of game balance just to support a “cool” feature.


A new unique cav archer unit like konnik? Then the unit should have lower hp and -1 base atk for the sake of balance

While I don’t want the idea mentioned in OP, the 22 years of game balance is not good justification against because the game constantly already gets balance tweaks, new civs (with new units, econ stuff), etc. as it is. There is no end-game in sight for the game balances and evolutions. Some balance tweak requests/implementations are even just to ‘shake things up,’ so to speak, and break the monotony of the norm every now and then. Adding one new unit like this would be a drop of water in the giant game balance ocean

Yeah let’s look what it leads to…

Only battle eles as counter… Yeah…

I love the idea for a Mod, but probably not for general play

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I agree a mod would be awesome, for the regular game not so much.