Idea Chinese dynasties could modify the tax mechanic

The Chinese are my favorite civ because of the taxation mechanic. It is a unique bonus and I would like to link it to the dynasty mechanic.

My idea is that the dynasties could ad different bonuses to the taxation mechanic.

Examples for bonuses are

  • an imperial official tasked to a drop-off building could increase the amount of extra resources generated.

  • an imperial official tasked to a building could increase the amount of taxes generated.

  • When an imperial official collects taxes, a small amount of a different resource is added to the taxes similar to the grand bazaar tech from the Abbasid Dynasty

  • an imperial official tasked to a production building could reduce the cost of units and techs.

Because of the dynasty mechanic there could only be one bonus active.


Isn’t that already a mechanic that the imperial official has with its “supervise” skill?
Im not sure though as I haven’t really used it yet.

This is correct. The idea is that the bonus would increase from 20% to 30% extra reources.

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I haven’t really had the chance to play around with it but I need to try that because without the supervision the Chinese feel really underwhelming. So I can’t really say if the ability needs a buff :pray:

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