Idea: Civilization editor?

Hi there guys,

I have been playing AoE2 since 2000 (I was 6 years old back then). Although I was never good at it, I spent countless hours playing it and having fun. This game was actually something that got me into history as my hobby.
I am really towards playing the newest release (AoE4).

Sorry if this was discussed somewhere.
I have heard that “level editor” (or something along this line) is coming a bit later after the release of AoE4.

I was thinking that it would be cool to implement something like “civilization editor”. I believe there are the tools in AoE2 to do something like that however it is not something “official”.

Let say that when you enter the “editor” within the game you might have a few options like “level editor” (map etc) and “civilization editor”.

Once you press “civilization editor” you are transferred into the window which might look a bit like a “civilization overview” in AoE2 (The options for recruitment of specific units, specific technologies, and upgrades, what you can and cannot buy in general).

Then let’s say that you have kind of a template of “basic civilization” with all basic units and upgrades etc. And then at the corner of the window, you might have something like e.g., 1000 points to spend for additional upgrades which otherwise might be blocked in some civilization.

Depending on, if you want specific upgrades or not, you gain or lose additional points that you can spend.
Let’s say that then you can end up with a civilization that specializes in mounted archers and monks (idk if there is any civilization like that, so sorry if I repeat myself).

Of course, this is just an idea that I have, and it might be cool if you want to make a game even more re-playable.
It would also be interesting if those “editable civilizations” could be then implemented in multiplayer. So, the gamers who feel like “their” civilizations are not included within the game, can then choose it within the window where you pick up the specific civilization and press “custom”. This would make it able to play with the civilization that they build.

As I mentioned, this is the idea I have.
Please feel free to discuss or comment on the idea. I will be happy to hear what you think. :smiley:

Thanks guys!

It’s a nice idea but don’t think this will work good because of balance issues and also I want the developers to design the civilizations to keep a good uniqueness and amount of civilizations before it feels like in AoE2 with no proper meaning.

To create a whole new civilization is too much for us players and that will most likely not happen anytime soon if ever. Just my thoughts on it.

Yes, I totally do understand.
Well, maybe there could be also an option of an “insight” into what a custom civilization is like before the game starts.

However, from the developer’s point of view (in my opinion) they also have to come up with the idea of how to overcome those balancing issues, thus I believe that the points system would be suitable for that.

And also a few more comments to my idea:
Some might wonder how can you then implement unique civilization bonuses like e.g. “faster boar meat gathering or faster recruitment of knights etc”.

Then you can still implement it in the form of “RPG character building”.
Like in those RPG games you might have some “traits” that you pick up irrespectively of the main specs (that is intelligence, strength, stamina, etc.). Then for example, if you choose a trait “stone-skin” you lose points in “stamina” later.
In AoE4 it could be if you pick up a civilization trait “faster trebuchets building”, It blocks the upgrades to stone mining speed, etc.