[Idea] Experimental Featureset Button (similar to PTR)

Seeing the latest – oftentimes heated – discussions about upcoming features and balance changes, I want to start this topic by tipping my hat towards the development team and thank them for their work.

It is an incredibly hard job to manage a community which has fresh members, as well as 20 year veterans who are sceptical about every change to their beloved baby. Rightfully so.

Wouldn’t it be a great feature to introduce a button / checkbox to the lobby (similar to All Technologies) which is called Experimental Features which enables a possible future feature set for people to try out. Similar to a public test realm in Blizzard games, but without the need of a second client. This could generate test data and feedback of the community, would allow a precise dialogue and enhance the overall experience. It also would enable the rollout of less conservative features without messing with current tournaments and the pro scene.

This could (and probably should) be implemented via the Data Mod Selection feature.


There’s a similar feature in Brawlhalla, also a experimental matchmaking queue. It works well :slight_smile:

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There should be regular experimental tournaments held to test new ideas.

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Experimental features should also be available in single player (campaigns, etc) :slightly_smiling_face: