Idea for a Cavalry Unit

A unit that has a charging mechanic.

Unit would slowly accelerate until it reaches top speed. When fully charged, unit will move at very high speed.

Unit won’t do any extra damage for the charge but after attacking, the unit will lose it’s charged speed and slow down.

Let me know how it sounds.

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Funny, I already thought about a different mechanic for cavalry, but the other way around:
Very fast for a limited amount of time and then needs to recharge and can move only very slowly (slower than infantry) until recharged. I think this could be a cool mechanic.

Question is if it’s viable with other cav in the game that can move at high speed constantly. Cause this (inaccurate) representation of cavalry is what we currently kinda abuse in our unit control with them.

A cav unit that slows down even if it’s only for a few seconds is potentially really weak as the game is currently designed (at least if it is slow in the wrong situations).

I’ve suggested something like this as a potential UT, maybe for a civ like Berbers if Kasbah became a TB. Something like all cav units gain a charge bar, when full, they move faster until they attack, and it resets the charge each time they attack, so it only charges after combat.

The mechanic makes the unit very realistic but is there an actual use for such a unit?

Could be a good rework for war elephants, maybe the charge kicks in when they are within a few tiles of their target, so they can’t just run down monks and stuff.


a potential issue is if you have a group of units with mismatched speed bars, how fast does the group go?
as fast as the fastest? as slow as the slowest (isnt that how the game works currently?)? an average between them? seems kinda messy.


in fact the old charge mechanic is already in the game. (not the new dodge charge nor the urumi charge attack).

units would speed up within 3 tiles of distance and do 2x the damage.

this is also using the old charge effect in game.

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I would say, it goes according to the slowest untill all of their charges become full and then they all of them speed up.

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Well, by default, slow units will not be really slow and unusable, slower cav will still be faster than regular infantry, but the charged one will be faster than Cuman Hussars. So, this would make them good at raiding I guess.

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