Idea for a new game mode

gang wars
I have thought of a game mode where you have to use the outlaws, obviously you would not have villagers and the only buildings you would have would be the tavern, towers or monasteries depending on the civilization, you will not be able to rebuild yourself so the destruction of the hideout of your
Victory Modes:
-Steal an amount of gold before the other players (Amounts that can be stolen when editing the game 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k and 50k)
-Destroy rival gangs (so you create a monopoly where you are the only criminal gang that rules the city)
-Control of towns (The gang that has the most towns under their supervision for a certain time wins. 5 minutes like commercial monopolies, but without the need to have the majority, just having 1 more than the rest would suffice)

Map Hazards:

-Guards: Infantry that will seek to prevent you from robbing or controlling cities.
-Detachments: These will be the defenses of the towns
-Suppression army (every 5 minutes of departure the army will be alerted and they will send troops to kill the outlaws)

Each civilization will have access to their regional outlaws, as well as unique upgrades to differently enhance their outlaws. (In the case of the natives, they will have assault parties that will supplement the shortage of outlaws)

Examples of this:

Spaniards: They can use as outlaws: Inquisitors, Comancheros and renegades, unique technologies for the game mode: shadow hunting, Spanish inquisitors while in stealth mode will have a chance to critically hit their enemies, Andalusian horseman, comancheros gain +20% hp and gain a charged rush attack

Aztecs: They can use: Eagle Scouts (Now without creation limit +5 damage from a distance and +2 range, they will be worth 20 food and 50 gold) Coyote runners (worth 25 gold) and Jaguar Warriors, sacrifice of prisoners , the units executed by the Aztecs will give a small amount of resources (5 food and 5 gold) Flowery wars, improve the damage of your units by +8