Idea for a new Mongol Landmark

Imagine mongol landmark, which is like a redirection of where your produced military units spawn. You move that landmark near enemy base, and you can set other military production buildings to not spawn produced unit at their position, but at position of that landmark. In simple words, units that you create in stables at your base (that you normally pay and they are normally produced in that stables building) do not appear at stables, but at that landmark. So it would allow mongol to be what they are meant to be - mobile horde, where you see them, there is their big army which is growing there, without the need of packing/unpacking the whole base.

(It would not allow you to produce more - you would still have to make 5x stables to produce 5x horses at once, but they will just change position where they spawn)

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I think it could be OP and toxic to play against.

Imagine walling in your base and the opponent just spawns their army in your base? Island maps?

I mean mongols can already do it, by packing their stables and unpacking in/near your base. Only this would be less work to do it.