Idea for a slight Malay buff

In 1v1 land maps Malay certainly are not as bad as some other civs that are discussed more often. But in my opinion they really fall off around late Castle Age (ish). Their Elephants are 30% cheaper but really weak in the later stages of the game and I often don’t even know if it’s worth upgrading them to Elite because they won’t be strong after all.

I suggest to make their Elite Battle Elephant upgrade 30% cheaper as well.

This would give them another possible power spike in early Imp and could make it worth to upgrade the remaining Elephants or even continue producing them for a while.


I do not agree with your assessment of the Malay.

In fact, I tend to believe that the Malay have one of the best late castle ages in the game because you can focus more on military and less on the inevitable click. Fast imperial is an option, and it’s one the non-Malay player has to respect, and as such they need to click up first to not be minutes behind the Malay in the treb war. This naturally gives them a military bonus in that space of time.

Their archer line is fully upgraded, meaning right from the start you have an investment prospect in your military that holds great value through the entire game and sets up any transitions well. They get FU halbs, FU skirms, Onagers with siege engineers, BBC’s, and the aformentioned Elite Battle Elephants, which are extremely underrated. I firmly believe that the Malay has one of the easiest armies to construct and upgrade of any civ and it doesn’t underperform for the levity.

I think this is a goof idea, don’t believe it would change anything but maybe we will see more elephants from other than Khmer civ.

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