Idea for Abbasid tech

I just did some reading on Abbasid military,
I feel like there are some missed opportunities that would be epic to see in game.
#1 Abbasid archers should get a damage buff in castle age or access to incendiary arrows in castle since this was a huge part of their military.
#2 camels with firecrackers on their armor, this is just plain cool and could stun enemy infantry in battle
#3 fire cask trebs and mangonels were deciding factor in Abbasid victories, could do damage over time in areas hit by fire cask, and extra damage to wood structures and siege.

Here’s the reading material

Based on the dates casks and incendiaries should be available in castle age, right?

I think what you say is cool, I like abbasid, but some people will say these things are not verified, or they come from wikipedia so it’s Xddddddd

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I’d also like to see less narcissistic “know it all(not really) toxic Chad, haters in every thread but you can’t change the masses.
Just an idea and let’s have more fun in here!

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New idea, add minarets, start with one in feudal, cost 300 stone and adds +5% hp to all buildings in wide area. End with three in imperial age, 900 stone investment that buffs all buildings and counts towards buildings needed for golden age.
A simple and balanced fix for landmarks.

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I like #1 and #3, but I believe #2 is somewhat covered by the camel’s aura against cavarly damage. It makes sense in my head that your example would be the inspiration for such ability.

That’s a nice one. I believe it could be a tech in the House of Wisdom, which would increase the HP of buildings in it’s influence area (the golden age thingy). Other unique techs could exist, too, or the last wing (the fourth, for the “5th” age) could be cheaper or something.

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I was also thinking minaret could be attached to mosques turning them into more beefy buildings that could buff nearby buildings and hide units inside. Kinda like the fortified tower upgrade.
But yeah camels do already have a rebuff attribute. I like an idea on another thread that suggests camels get an infantry speed aura that I think makes sense, it would make camel use much more prevalent.

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The infantry speed is kind of Mongols/HRE thing. That’s why a different buff is given to Abbs, I believe. And mosques giving something is a Delhi thing, with Tranquil Venue tech. I mean… they could have something, but in terms of game design having some variety is nice. That’s why, in my head, it’s ok to attach a lot of things into the HoW.

That’s a good point.
I’d like to see something that increases the viability of the camel and increase resistance to early raids and late landmark snipes, hoping I can throw a few ideas out for devs to consider

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That’s the main issue with Abbs. Talking about unique units, French and English are the gold standart and can do wonders with theirs, and even HRE can find a place in the battlefield for the Landsknecht. But when I play, or watch a game, with camels, it feels like Abbassids are handicaped. It doesn’t matter the composition, pure or mixed, or the enemy’s army, foot, horses, elephants, outposts, what have you. Camels need a good something for themselves.