Idea for Italians

With the new Indian DLC splitting the indians faction into 4 and done pretty well imo, I believe that this would be a great way to deal with the italian situation, currently italians are a strong water civ while a horrible open land civ. I believe splitting the Italian faction into the Genoese (keeps genoese crossbow, archer focus), Venetians (heavy navy and trade focus), Milanese (Infantry or Cav focus) and Papal states (monk & defensive focus) Kingdom of naples and Florence would be interesting as well but Can’t think of any themes for them at the moment, these are just generalizations and I’m sure others may have better ideas for the themes to fit these city states but I think this would be a great DLC , and it fixes the issue of how to buff the italians without making them broken on water. Feel free to throw some ideas around this in the comments

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Please no, Italians aren’t a priority compared to Africa, Asia, maybe America, then maybe the Caucasus, and some other European civs, then possibly an Italian split. Not until then.


Why would they not be a priority compared to the others? just curious

Italy definitely doesn’t need to be split so many ways and should be low priority as is


Because its age of EMPIRES, not age of CITY STATES. I could see adding maybe one. Down the road, but European civs are already heavily featured and prominent. Lets see the rest of the world


I mean there would be enough ideas to strenghten their land presence like a passive pavise 1/1 for condos and gcrossbows and maybe a new castle age ut but i dont necessary think they should be split since we allready had a big focus on europe and other like china or africa are missing

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Venice and Genoa were both Trading empires of the time

Which is reflected in the imp tech silk roads which sadly isnt that good


sadly this is true 11

I mean if you take it for granted genoa is the ut milan is their wide monk tech tree venecia is their dock bonus also milan i guess or italy after all is the conditioerri which were popular mercenary hired from all kind of lands


Kingdom of Naples is already in game with sicilians.only real candidate is venice which was independent from the HRE and others.

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Honestly i think besides venice only wouldt it be really worth to add it since it was small compared to what hre and italy had and like i said its reflected in italy

This is technically True i suppose, Kingdom of Naples was seperate of Sicily until the mid 1400s but they did indeed merge

Actually I was wrong it was conquered by sicily around 1100*

What would you think of a Mediterranean DLC focusing on Italians, North Africa, and Western Middle east? So you get some new from more than one region? Or do you think that would be too much for one DLC and have them just focus one area at a time

Something has been bothering me for ages… Everyone assumes Genoese crossbows should be Genoa exclusives for obvious reasons, but weren’t they mercenaries just like any condottieri, and hired by every Italian state?
Anyway, I think Venice and maybe the Papal states could be hired down the line, but they shouldn’t be a high priority as long as Africa and the Americas are pretty much empty and East Asia/SEA still need some quite important civs. Italians can be kept as a civ to represent Milan, Genoa, Savoy, Tuscany, the Emilian city states and the pre-Charlemagne Kingdom of the Lombards.


They were both a military corps in service to Genoa and a mercenary force So i could see arguments for both sides

I think africa and china would deserve more i mean if there is one mediterranian other then italy maybe but europe had enough for now

I believe Florence would be a very interesting civ to add for 2 main reasons, 1 the Florentine military reforms who were brought by Machiavelli which one of his goals was to actually combat the Condotierri that were being used by the warring city states of Italy and foreign powers as well. 2nd Florence had a very big emphasis on infantry and I think another Infantry focused civ would be interesting, these are just my ideas but I think more than just Venice would be interesting to see in game. If people think other areas of the world have priority before a split of italians then that is a different issue

We don’t need weak city states that had 0 cultural differences inbetween.


Yes, if they did a Mediterranean DLC I think Italians, North africa (aghlabids, and Abassids come to mind) , and Lebanese would be interesting