Idea for lategame Uhlan

quick idea for lategame uhlans…
a lot of people complain, how bad uhlans perform lategame espacially considering their cost of 100g and in those discussions other people argue, that a hp increase would make the german special abillity to recieve uhlans with every shipment OP

there are a few cards in other civs which somewhat change the role a unit fullfills (e.g. caroleans with svea lifeguard or dopps with Solingen Steel), so maybe the same treatement could be applied to uhlans
(in order to make uhlans viable you also have to send a lot of cards already so i propose to change an existing card instead of adding a new one)

i propose to change Lipizzaner Cavalry
atm it gives +15% hp and +15% atk, as well as 4 uhlans

my idea would be something like +30% hp, +0% atk and disable the abillity to receive uhlans from further shipments (or reduce the number)
it should make them viable in lategame without breaking the game

  • the 30% buff is just a sugestion and someone with more knowlegde can swapp it with a better number
  • i dont think it should effect merc shipments (german get more mercs instead of uhlans) since they get not buff
  • it also could be achieved with ‘double resistance’ or smth like that (e.g. chinese cav card; hausa card)
  • i know cards like svea lifeguard are difficult to ballance/ I dont want them to be OP, but i also dont want Solingen Steel 2.0

so what are your thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

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No, Uhlans are fine the way they are now.


Uhlan unit should be replaced with something more German in origin. This could be done as one of the changes in the process of the complete rework of the Germans faction.

Uhlans descended from the tatar cavalry in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army, and later spread to other European armies such as Prussian, Austrian, French, Russian etc. It could be a good unique unit to a potential faction of Poles, but although various German armies used this type of troops, there is no reason to make the Uhlans characteristical for Germans.

Even on their miniature we can see an Uhlan with a Polish eagle on his cap:

Also their name indicates their Polish origin, because in the game they are called “Czapka Uhlans”. Czapka is just a generic word for a cap in Polish, and there were no “Cap Uhlans”, so it is the next reason to correct this unit. The other one is that in the game they are sabre cavalry, while their main weapon should be the lance. So all in all, this is a completely mistaken unit and should be reworked.

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Historical accuracies aside, I could see the Germans getting cards to replace the free Uhlans with other free units. That’d be kinda neat.
Imagine a card that said for example: “Instead of free Uhlans now receive free Doppelsoldner.” Replace Doppelsoldner with the unit of your choice for many cards options.
Disabling the free unit mechanic outright would kinda hurt the Germans unless their required XP would come down as well I guess?

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I´ve been seeing this lately, and i thought of two things that are not so like rework or something:

1.Just buff the Lipizzaner Cavalry card into, i know people are going to say i´m crazy and will not agree, but into +45% hp and atk, as it is age IV is in late game and besides, the 45% is justified, is an age 4 card, just buffing one unit, so yeah, i might explain myself later if necessary.

2.This is a bit more like rework so i don´t know if people would like it, so, basically, just buff the uhlan in stats for +40% while also increasing their cost by 40% this alone would make them better in late game, so now they would have 270 hp and 51 atk, and would cost 70 food and 140 coin, and as they cost more, the uhlan shipments would be reduced, instead of 2 uhlans in age 2, just 1, in age 3, 2 instead of 3 and 3 in age 4 instead of 4, this also would increase the viability of the logistician, as it grants +1 uhlan, now instead of 3 uhlans in age 2 (450 res) would be 2 uhlans (410 res) but in age 1 instead of 1 uhlan for 150 res would be 1 uhlan for 210 res, and in general shipments would grant less res in uhlans until age 4, in age 3 (and in age 2 with logistician) would be almost the same and in age 1 with logistician would be more, but anyway, the point is that shipments would be almost the same with a small predilection for late game, while making uhlan a late game cav monster as it should be hahha but not being better than gendarmes or cossacks, but in the same level…

3.This option is the same as #2 but if people don´t want to change what the uhlan “essence” might be, being a weak cavalry, then keep it all the same, but then the same age 4 card, or a new one if you like, change it to be a similar card as the old dynasty reforms, that with that age 4 card changes the base stats of uhlan wit the same as option 2, +40% hp and atk and also cost, not like the ODR that doesnt change the base stats just adds more stats but cost as well, and that age 4 card can grant the same +15% hp and atk in addition as well or that the effect is just that…
I still have a lot things to explain and else but i might post it in a post just for this suggestions so this will not be longer, but let me know what you guys think of this, because i do think uhlans should be better in late game, the whole german concept is based in one of the best economies of the game and probably thee best units, or some supre strong units at least, and they also have a ton of cards and still their units are not better than some euro units, but whatever, i think you get me.

i think not every civ needs every unit to be completely overwhelmingly strong. uhlans have nearly 100 damage age 5 maxed. they’re a bit frail but also the most upgradeable European unit iirc. they hit like a truck, and you have the tanky war wagons and tanky dopps instead of tanky cav. give them high hp cav, high hp goons and high hp dopps and then they don’t have any clear weaknesses.


yeah i know, i dont have a problem with lategame uhlans.
But some have, so here is my ‘solution’ :wink: …also i think it would be fun to have a card, that changes the units role (and in my proposition, they would trade their high damage for more hp). dopps and WW have their own problems

  • That the improvement in imperial is updated receiving 70 health% and 30% damage

The Indians were made to gain 60% damage and life in imperial sepoys

The British had long-range archers increase their multiplier against heavy infantry from 1.25 to 1.5

All of those changes were made to balance the drive in Late.

An option that I thought about for a long time but I don’t know if it’s balanced is to make the ulano’s shield drop from 30% to 25% at a distance and cost 1.8 population

Good idea with the imperial upgrade!
1.8 pop looks a bit confusing… i know its meant in the context of training 5 uhlans, but .8 is too complicated and i dont know if cav should get that

I would make Uhlans only 1 pop. That would make up for their low hp

im certain a cav with 100 damage and 500 hp and 1 pop wouldn’t be altogether a slap in the face to every other civ


so essentially a Cossack that’s 20-30% better?

if you ask me if there was anything they could do to uhlans it would be maybe a 5 or 10% increase to their range resist so 35 or 40% but it might be too much.

Cossacks should also cost 2 inhabitants, but let’s say it’s like a bonus from the Russians, since they don’t have dragons, because in my opinion the Tatars are weak in this “meta”, besides the Russians suffer from population, I don’t You could send me the 5 Cossacks as a second shipment if it cost me 10 population because the population ■■■■ and I could not produce infantry. The Uhlans are very useful tactically at 2 and 3 years that cost 1 population would be absurd, I mean to imagine at 3 years, that Germany has too much mass, it would have much more because it has more population space, you would not have to worry so much about remove wood, but more gold and I would have a disgusting spam, 1.8 seems much more reasonable to me, but since this game is not used to playing with decimals in the population, it is not possible. Germany has long needed updates to play it in the late game. Another solution would be to rework the church exclusive upgrade card because putting a research dedicated to the Uhlans instead of the research you have that they are not used like the pay 3000 of gold so that the shipments of the mercenaries are free

tartars are actually very strong.

the price russia pays for the cossacks is weak skirmishers, and weak infantry in general.

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You are wrong if it were so, the tartaros would be much more popular, that also explains why the Russians and Ottomans do not usually make tartaros

tartars have insane ammoaunts of hp and you see them a lot more in higher ranked games

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How strange because I see many professional games and I also have 1500 of elo, I do not see tartaros

by pure stats the unit is great, doing 60ish dmg and having 600+ hp in post imperial vs a dragoon with at best 460 hp and 50ish dmg.

in rush they are a little less useful because the animation doesn’t work well for kiting, the unit is meant to frontline not kite like a dragoon and at that it does an exceptional job.

dragoons therefor have an ability that Tartars dont but the tartars are vastly superior in a straight up fight, which is what lategame/treaty is about.

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I honestly don´t see the point in making an uhlan not being an uhlan, i mean, there are units for everything, some have high hp, some have high attack, some have speed, or resistance, maybe siege or something else, so i personally like that the uhlan is a high atk - low hp cav unit, i don´t see any point on making an uhlan just more like the hussar; i also not sure if i agree with the sepoy imperial upgrade, it is weird that all units, maybe 100 units have imperial upgrade for +50% and all other upgrades just the same, but then 1 unit has an odd +60% it just feels weird, and also the population thing, i don´t think that´s the solution, making units a . something pop is not going to help, is going to be more confusing, specially when training units and not knowing if it´s 168.9 or 168.1 or what, also is unnecessary. I agree with the longbowman multiplier buff to 1.5, and also that uhlans should be buffed a little, but i don´t think like this in particular.

Of course, i personally don´t see much players use them, but i don´t know why, even when i mostly see treaty matches, but yes, i totally prefer tartars than goons, i honestly never liked goons that much, they´re one of the units i use less, but i love tartars, and have no idea why people praise goons and despise cav archers just for not having range resist, as you said, first, tartars have 622.75 ranged hp, and the best goons have only 575 ranged hp, so even without having range resist, tartars resist more shots from skirmishers, etc. they have already 8.3% more ranged hp, and the second one, and also important, is the “siege” hp, wich, for tartars is 622.75 and for goons is 460, so 35.38% more siege hp for tartars, and is important because they are also the counter of artillery, so cannons sometimes can just kill goons, but tartars are more resilient, and then the melee hp for goons is 460 and for tartars is 889.642857, so is 93.4% more hp, and also for the attack, tartars have 30.55 atk, so in 3 seconds they deal 61.1 damage while goons just 52.8, yes, goons have a charged shot, so in 3 seconds they shot twice while tartars also fire twice because they need to charge the arrow, but as the battle goes on, it gets more and more like tartars deal actually twice the damage because the formula for goons shots is “time/3 + 1” with the product of “time/3” being a whole number, rounding down, while the formula for tartars shots is only “time/1.5” so if the battle just last 3 seconds for goons would be 3/3 + 1 = 2 and for tartars 3/1.5 = 2 so it´s the same, but with 300 seconds, would be 300/3 + 1 = 101 for goons and 300/1.5 = 200 for tartars, now, obviously no battle last that long, because it depends in the battle of a single unit, not the war in itself, but still, is basically 2 times much damage, in this case, goon vs tartar, is 28.5 seconds, in wich the goons make 28.5/3 + 1 = 10 shots and the tartars make 28.5/1.5 = 19 shots, so it´s 1.9 times the damage, but it varies depending on the engagement, so as the battle lasts more, the tartars are better, but anyway, tartars have almost 15.719697% more attack also, and they are even cheaper too hahah, depending on the individual economy and the individual opportunity cost, goons are about 15% more expensive, so yes, tartars are amazing for late game, the only downsides are the lesser speed and less ability to kite, but in treaty specifically that´s not important.

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