Idea for new setting: units slower when climbing/in marshes

there is bonus when units are on a higher altitude. But i think it will be more fun if units move slower when they are climbing a hill or walking through marshes. this will make the terrain more important in battles and make the game play more real.


So Will it faster to move downhill than on flat ground?
Will it move faster on the road than on the grass?
Will it be faster on grass than on sand and snow?
What about on ice ?

This can be fun, but has to be very slightly (like only 0.05 faster/slower) I guess, or it’s going to be hard for the community to get used to.


yeah, maybe more fun, but i think we can just try from slower when uphill

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ive got something more:

high architectures, like stone wall/ tower/ cstl should keep things behind it free from enemy scouting. which means enemy units can not see what u are making from outside the stonewall.
but enemy high achitectures are not restricted by this rule. so if your enemy build a tower next to your stone wall, it will have the sight of your inside city.


I like both of your ideas…

Some people have suggested also for archers be safe on the other side of the wall…

But the slow down and speed up is something I would love to see:

.05 slower uphill
.08 faster downhill
.05 slower in marshals or forest
Normal-pace grass or sand
.03 faster on stone roads and “Cleared” forest.

I assume these changes to start, should be easy to implement.

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I think these should be settings to test in lobbies first, it seems too much of a risk for ranked gameplay, as this could have fairly major side effects (despite the low numbers, because you can’t predict how the map generation is going to look exactly).

If we went this way, then it should probably affect units differently depending on whether they are infantry, cavalry and artillery (maybe even taking apart horses, camels and elephants). It may also bring back the discussions about allowing players to build roads and bridges.

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safe units behind stone walls seems also good. or 50% discount maybe.

go back to the slower uphill, hope to see pro-players make use of key positions in the battle field. :grinning:

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yeah , and there can be more to come in civ design, map design, etc. hope to see this come.

don’t think allowing players to build roads and bridges a good idea. it makes the game too complex. In campaigns maybe it’s ok. but only changing the speed in different terrain, it’s easy to understand .


true, there have to be changes in map generatings. Like Arabia, one player can be surrounded by hills but the other in a quite plate position, if the slower-uphill thing is there, this should be balanced.

however, hope to see more elements in my favorate game!

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Im not against different Speed buffs/penalties for different Terrains. Im just a bit afraid of what it could do to pathing.
Would units chose the shortest path or the fastest?
Edit: changed wording due to censoring

shortest, as it is now, i think

Technically it might be impossible for the game engine to discern between uphill and downhill movement.

Take for example the shot of onager, it is calculated in real time, if you attack a unit from uphill, and if you delete/kill onager before it’s projectile hits target all bonuses are negated. This means the game does not record/calculate past or future location of units, it works in the present. To know whether a movement is uphill or downhill the game will need at least one more time reference compared with present which I doubt the game engine will be able to do.

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Wasnt the delete Bug fixed some Patches ago?


it was patched, the engine however still same. there probably isn’t an easy way to make this work is what jugger was saying.

I like the idea of infantry/villager going over cliff for sure.


Actually, AOE 1 had this mechanic… but as far as I know they discarted for aoe2 because not really impacted in the game play.

About the terrain bonuses and penalyies, a rotund yes!

Are you sure about it?

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if the delete bug can be fixed, dosent it mean that engine has some mechanic that can calculate the altitude of a unit before or after ?

vilagers that can climb up a cliff? not sure understand that right.

have not played AOE 1 , but look foward they introduce it into AOE 2.
imagine your army holding a hill near the base and take advantage of the movebility to defeat the intruders . ah so nice. haha :grinning:

I remember hear it in a Sandy interview