Idea for new Team Bonus

You get 5% of the gold from trade carts when your teammates are trading with you.

Bonus can be buffed to 10% if 5% is too low.

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I agree, it should be the Team Bonus of Saracens. Time to erase all siege archer in this game.

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Isn’t that just the same thing as receiving more gold from trade?

I have this bonus written in a notepad. The percentage is 15% though. Maybe it is too big?

Bengalis Team Bonus: Trade units yield 10% food in addition to gold
Given that currently Bengalis is totally useless, I think 15% is alright

More gold if your ally trades. For people like me whose allies are always late to trade, I get almost nothing. They on the other hand might get something significant from my trade. If everyone trades then yeah it’s just more gold.

Creative idea, but IMO there are already enough stackable trade team bonuses such that a team with Spanish/Bohemians/Hindustanis already generates crazy amounts of gold compared to a team without these bonuses. We don’t need another team bonus that just generates a ton more gold for one team. 15% is a healthy amount in a 4v4, especially when its stackable with other bonuses, and especially when you can even benefit from this bonus without making any trade carts yourself. At most I would make this a civ bonus.

Food and gold are different resource. Current Bengalis TB can be buffed to 15% though. I think it will be totally balanced.