Idea for nomadic civs

Hello! I firstly think this to replace the Mongol’s UT “Nomads”, but I don`t want to twist this thread into “Mongols are fine as they are” so, the idea is maybe for UT replacement, or a bonus for a another civs or whatever.
The idea is when you deleting own buildings you recover the wooden cost.
The amount of wood recovering depends of the building HP at the moment of delete it, so delete a Barracks at 50% HP will return you 87 wood.
This feature doesn’t work for Castles, Towers nor walls.
If the enemy destroy a building you don’t recover any wood, as normal.

The main goal of this feature is give to the nomad civ the ability to relocate economic buildings to save wood, give movility to push, the ability to quickly counter attack, give civ a new and more dinamic way to play



Is this really useful? You do get wood back but you have to spend time to rebuild your can have the builders gather wood rather than rebuild everything.

I suggested something similar for a UT that will automatically destroy all farms and lumber camps and give the food and wood cost back to the player to re boom again.

Could lead to a toxic cockroach strat…
But against experienced opponents it doesn’t help. If you need to relocate your base you’re usually dead anyways.

IDK, I think like mobile production buildings could be interesting, so you can build them in your base and then forwarding with your push. That could be an interesting concept.

Another would be to gain ressources from destroyed enemy buildings. This could also be an interesting concept for a civ which has great pusing tools but lacks in map control and raiding.

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Rebuild the whole base is a extreme scenario.

Think in little things like, relocate lumbercamps, just delete the old one and build a new one closer to forest (save 100 wood), or you build a Siege workshop for defense, and then delete it and relocate it forward to counter attack, save 200 wood (more than a mangonel`s wood cost).

Another use could be deleting buildings that are useless for you in a specific moment of the game, for example, build a university, research balistics and delete it to recover the wood.

If your enemy denies you to gather wood with archers, as a desperate move you can delete the barracks and train skirms… etc.

As an old star craft player, I agree…

The only thing it could be useful is for realocating eco buildings after running out gold of stone.

hmm mobile drop off spots could be a fun bonus for a new civ :slight_smile:

May not even need a drop off point. I am a big fan of Khmer farming. Imagine that same mechanic for lumberjacks, never needing to refresh camps and a constant trickle of resources. They could even chop stragglers around the TC without triggering @T90OfficialDE :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The problem with this is at least with farms youre tied to the farm and have to make an investment. Imagine being able to run your villagers to any woodline. No investment required.

Something like hunters or gatherers would be ok as there is only a little of it and ends early on.

Maybe a nomadic uu could be able to hunt like a villager but again not very useful later on.

I honestly think simplifying even further… simply allow civs who have access to steppe raider the ability to turn their stables (and MAYBE archery ranges, and barracks) into a “wagon” type unit, which simply moves and rebuilds the building somewhere else. Thats it, maybe its unlocked with unique tech, but preferably its just a static bonus.
No need to move whole towns, or anything, just the 3 military buildings is enough to not be crazy cochroachy, or overpowered, whilst nodding to the nomad idea.

That was you can get the 400-800 wood bonus of keeping your forward buildings alive when your initial rush fails, and you can fall them back to your base for castle age boom etc or relocate some buildings in annoying places during late-game is where the real power is.

This wouldn’t break the game in anyway (as the mechanic exists with the town centre wagon in the scenario editor) … but it is a VERY un-aoe2-like mechanic. Certainly novel. However I’ve been enjoying the novel new civs, and thing such an idea could breath some life back into the older civs… especially huns and mongols.

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I just want a nomadic architecture set for the Nomad civs, Mongols get Yurt houses and steppe Nomad archiitecture. Tartars + Cumans get Yurts for dark age houses and Huns too get steppe Nomad architecture.

The problem with farms is true, because of the lack of diversity at the moment of gather food fron Feudal onward, but with wood that’s the point with this bonus, is similar to a wood discount bonus but with other uses. Maybe could be balanced denieing the last wood upgrade

The last wood upgrade is rarely taken at the pro level anyway. And it’s more then just saving you wood on lumbercamps. You literally never have to ecen go drop off. It’s so much better then the farm bonus for khmer it isn’t funny

I find your idea even more complicated to implement, plus, with these wagons, you save building time of vils, what I think is too much

Why you shoudn`t go to drop off? And, how many lumbercamps you rebuild in a match? 5? 6? You are saving just 600 wood in whole match… Is this OP?

Have you watched pro games ? They remake lumbercamps on the same woodline multiple times in a game. Not to mention only needing to make 1 lumbercamp period. In feudal I’ve easily seen pros have 3 woodlines. That’s 200 right there. Before replacing them.
Not to mention it makes that civs woodlines not very raidable as they can transfer to a new woodline without needing a new camp

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I supose the numbers, still is it too much? If you dónt have any other eco bonus this could be a good one…

But you still lost movement time what is still strong in terms of raiding success

But only movement. Other civs lose building a new camp which is construction time and 100 wood. That’s a huge boon.

Again with farms they are tied to the farm. If they get raided they can move but they have to build a new farm. This one has no such downside.

Which is the 2nd main objective of raiding, first is kill vils. You don`t lose riding time in destroying a lumbercamp… You can leave the camp there to get back when the raiding was gone or delet it. Plus, Lumbercamp replacements are few in early game when this bonus could be OP

Right, is a great bonus, but still is no better than Vikings’ bonus or Khmer one.

Far better then khmer. Khmer they have to build a new farm. This one needs nothing.