Idea for unique unit

How about an unique unit that has a powerful attack, but does recoil damage?

How would that even work?

Make the unit lose HP when it attacks?

Why would anyone use such a unit? Your unit will end up dead before killing enough enemy units to cover the cost.

I guess that is hard to say without knowing the Status of this hypothetical unit

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it force that civ to use monk to heal their own unit which is quite an idendity

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The deal is we already have a bunch of squishy but hard hitting units in the game so a unit that kills hitself would have to hit even harder but would die super fast, it’s definitey hard to do. An easier way to play around a “damaged unit = good” mechanic would probably be to have a unit that gets stronger as it gets damaged by the enemy.

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as long as this game can damage themself by mangonel it might be a dangerous idea

You could do that but you would need a lot of attention to weaken them without killing them, then there the issue your units are going to die fast if the enemy pays attention.