Idea for Urumi Swordsmen

I just saw a vid of the real Urumi swordsman:

It looks awesome.

But for me the charge mechanic actually doesnt fit what I see there…
I would give them 1 range and instead of having a one-use charge, they charge up their attack speed while attacking. But once they move that charge-up is gone. So they would be especially good in longer melee battles instead of in shorter ones. To fit this they could have significant armor (both melee and pierce) so they can hold the ground a bit longer than most other infantry.

So their damage is lowered whenever they kill something? Or that you want to save them from a bad fight? Sounds like an underwhelming mechanic, that would be only useful against buildings. Which is, I suppose, not fitting of the real thing either but could be a funny reference to the “hit stone with sword to make it burn” meme

No, that’s actually why I gave them the 1 range also: They can immediately pick a new target in range without losing their charge :wink:

Interesting Side effect. But I actually don’t dislike it entirely… ofc it need to be tested to not be OP.

i like the idea of changing them a little bit, but this is about the last thing that should happen. did you see their armour? you think that dude should have higher armour than full platemail? or even chainmail with a shield?

maybe the charge attack(only) can get +1 range, or trample damage

Well if they choose to use such a mechanic one day I suppose they will make it not usable against buildings if they don’t want to, after all the charge can’t be used against buildings either.

They have a shield at least, that would give some pierce armor usually.
But agree, otherwise they don’t have much armor.

I just though mid-term about my idea like… ok if they can charge up their attack speed it’s nice… but if they die like flies while charging up they don’t get a lot of value of it :wink:
That’s why I added it to the concept. Just a bit more HP would also do it I guess.

I actually like it. That would mean that you have to force them away from your buildings otherwise they destroy them even if you try to repair… I think it could be a really nice interaction.

Actually the charge already has trample damage


ah ok that’s interesting. didn’t know that. So they are designed for mass battles.

I was wondering as I saw them basically evenly matched with a single LS but maybe they can lever a bit in bigger scale battles then.

Still, I think in the current design they will be mocked up with some of the top dier infantry civs like japanese or slavs.

Usually I don’t take Mikeempires videos as examples but he did one with 200 elite urumi vs 200 elite jaguars and the urumis won. Now the question is whether the trample comes in with more realistic numbers.

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but the samurai beat them up ^^ interesting how they win against jags but lose to samurai? ^^

That’s probably because samurai attack so fast, whenever an urumi doesn’t path perfectly it gets deleted before being able to unleash its charge.

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And now I get tutorials to learn how to murder trees with sharp frisbees 11


I will never be able to get the name “murder frisbees” out of my head now thanks to you 11

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Looks awesome incredibly impractical in large group