Idea for UU Infantry - more use cases

Problem: Unique Unit Infantry is rarely used and mostly situational (I follow some Pro-Gamers on YouTube and the discussions here).
Idea: why not introduce a medium-priced technology in the castle (or maybe university) that allows for building them in normal barracks? Price: same as in castle / building time: 150%.

It’s just a pitty that infantry is under-used.

I know, that Goths and Huns have something similar for just their UU.


I can hear the Goth fan-bois who didn’t see how effective they already were whining in the distance that they could be ‘indirectly nerfed’…

Joking aside, this could be good in some instances, but needs some limitation beyond unit production speed. Can you imagine a Teuton Barracks forward with this employed? Sounds fun for one side.

sure longer production in baracks and sure not for every infantry unit (i can see the sea of karambit or shotel could be a problem)

Goth alpha chad fan man with a Zweihander here…

To be fair to the Goth fan bois,

there’s already a very strong argument for this between how the Goths used to be the only civ with 2 unique techs, and the DE Supplies tech, not to mention the 5 bajillion new units with Huskarl levels of pierce armor…

Joking aside, in addition to giving every other civ another unearned slice of Goth pie, this uninspired tech borders on being OP for civs with good infantry UUs (Celts, Vikings), and useless for civs with questionable UUs (Japanese, Malay). If a UU is worth making, it’s worth building castles to make (See: Mayans, Mongols, Chinese). If it’s not, making it “more available” won’t do much to help it. Better to buff the UUs that need it, thus making them more viable.


Me and my Goth friends want to have a word with you, over your misrepresentation of our actual cultural attire.

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I think his representation was of the complaining player rather than the civ. :joy:

I liked Goths in AoK. I liked Goths in AoC. I liked Goths in the FE updates. And in DE. They really were fine if used correctly. The game is starting to feel progressively less like Age2 with the updates and changes sadly. Hopefully they get it back with subsequent balance and matchmaking changes.

I’ve always liked Goths; the thing I’ve noticed since HD though is that they get harder to use well/easier to counter at higher levels. Even on Arabia I was decent with them when I was ~1750 and below, but as I got better & played better opponents, it became easier for archer civs to dominate them in Feudal, or for civs with better eco to FC or just defend and outboom. Goths are still decent in low level games, but I can’t go back that sweet ignorant bliss…

Anyway, I’ll allow this idea for a new tech on one condition - that Goths also get a new UT called “Guyliner” in Feudal Age. It doubles the creation speed of villagers, and allows the Goth’s player’s male villagers to convert enemy female villagers like a monk.


That’s it, I am summoning the Warband!!!

The trouble with this idea is, Goths are the only civ with a UU that really needs to be spammed. They’re all about cheap, mass-produced infantry. Other civs go the other direction, with more expensive, more powerful infantry, and so wouldn’t really benefit nearly as much from a tech like this. Especially since they can already make them quite rapidly from castles.

Teutonic Knights, for example; Teutons can basically produce a champion equivalent(in terms of resources) every 4 seconds from their castles, more or less 5 times as fast as barracks.

So you’ll end up reducing the uniqueness of one civ yet again(after supplies) for a marginal benefit at best.


Tbh honest some changes are so fitting it’s a pity they weren’t there right from the start, such as the Teuton’s new armoured army. And I’ve seen no stuff like home cities, god powers or space vessels so I guess AoE2 is still AoE2.

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if you do this you need to give goths a new unique tech.

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It would be interesting if all UUs could be trained from normal production buildings, not only from castle. Would give much more use to these. Maybe doable with a mod?

it would also be a balance crap storm.
imagine mayans but being able to pump out plumes out of archery ranges.
as opposed to say malay, who don’t even use their unique unit.