So i just wanted to throw an idea out there:

If i remember correctly, Franks were known to have orchards (i may very well be mistaken as i haven’t researched it), and since they’ve always had food bonusses (AOE2) , so what about doing a new kind of farm?

Imagine, you could just reskin a mill and require it in order to plant trees. The trees would only be harvestable 2-3 minutes after plantation. The difference would be one of three:

  1. They would never run out, but have a slower gather rate than farms.

  2. Make them like a renewable berry bush, that would have a very fast gather rate, like hunt, let’s say. But it would have a cooldown of 1-2 minutes, after depletion.

  3. Another idea would be akin to the second, but in the cooldown period it would generate a very small trickle of gold (as if you were selling the fruit after harvest).

Any thoughts?

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