Idea how to fix Cumans

Cumans can build the TC and the siege in feudal age. Both buildings is totally broken. As i see, most players doing second TC in feudal age. Never saw anyone push with the rams. So here is my idea - make Cumans has only 100 stone from begin. So if they are wanna boom they can only make 1 TC. And in order to add more TC in the castle age they need to spent time and res to collect stone.

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I would like to know for sure what the winrates are for civilization before balancing is done. Do we know what the winrate is for each civ? Is there a place where it’s tracked?

That being said, the Cumans do seem OP

Unfortunately by only giving them 100 starting stone they become extremely vulnerable to a trush since they would not even be able to make a single counter tower. Then trushing against a cuman player would become the meta strategy since it would be so effective.

Cumans are already vulnerable to a trush once they place their feudal TC. Also by adding it their opponent will be quicker to Castle Age at which point they could go for a mangonel push.

I am not convinced that Cumans are completely broken, but I do agree they are strong. I would also like to see win rates with and against them, especially with higher rated players. I suspect they will have greater win rates with lower rated players though I am only speculating here.

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Probably 50% WR since everyone is playing cumans 11, so one of the cuman players always lose


I think nobody wants to stay in Feudal, Castles is much better and you need farms. A TC costs 275W. To do the siege workshop (200W) it is necessary to have a blacksmith (150W). A ram costs 160W. I think it is not profitable to sacrifice all that wood and not move to castles.

Well honestly, the real broken unit is the steppe lancer. I’m a pleb so don’t take my opinion as fact but being able to build a second TC is broken precisely because it makes raids very hard to pull off against them. Why build military when you can TC a woodline and not be harassed by archers. Even if you do want to make military, you can guarantee yourself a better economy against your opponent when you eventually click up. The steppe lancer though, basically a kamayuk on a horse but cheaper than a knight. That and with their unique tech they train ridiculously fast. Last but not least kipchaks.

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