Idea improvements to the game

Hi there,
Age of empires is a game i got into because of my dad back in the early 2000’s, he loved the game and i just wanted to get better than him so i basically no lifed it(dont worry i still had a social life and girlfriends thankfully). Well After a small fever dream i thought of some ways maybe the game could be improved for more common rts players like myself.

More Customization

I feel this games lacks any side of personal touch you could bring into the actual game, everything is as it is all civs all armies have that same basic design(In terms of they dont change too heavily from each individual civ design format). What if you could plaster your own created sticker beneath your town center like an emblem or maybe a player made flag which would be more in line with the theme? Maybe castle’s could have some flavor with the walls being decorated with a small sticker or picture of the players current profile pic or designated ensemble.

Divide Civs by ease of use

When you first start up Age of empires whether its 2 DE or another all the civs don’t have the biology and insight it could have other than a tech tree. It would be nice if either the devs or community could rank or tier out civs dependent on their strongest maps where they are weakest against etc etc it doesnt have to be so expansive but just enough to gain that special dev insight.


The game already boast a relive special battles category which was very thoughtful, but what of certain map trials or civ trials for example it could be win this game in 15 mins 2v1 and youre in the castle age and they are in the stone etc and certain other little details give you such a unique advantage but not enough where its impossible to lose but very much so that u need to be on top of your game so your not overwhelmed. Or you start in the sea have to find land etc etc small tidbits with that bit of ludacris randomness makes games unique in my opinion

One day ill be able to buy Age of empires 2 Definitive edition maybe when this pandemic is over but as i say to all my fellow broke college students. Stay safe and study hard!.

The devs are implementing customization every month in aoe 2 de. Mods that modify how the units looks or new cheat codes or bows that fire flowers instead of arrows, explosions of fire, bigger projectiles etc…

For the civs, you can search for the pro players videos on them. Some of them ranked various things in game, such as civs in some maps or unique units powers etc. Because the game is updated every month, this list can change so they also post the update version when they ranked it.

If you want to know more there is a folder inside the game where it lists all of those things with more explanation (like 90 page of pdf) but the content is that of the old age of kings game and for some reason, nobody is updating that but at least it is something.

I didn’t understand your last point.

When i meant customization i meant more personal touches, like your picture on the forum that on the side of a castle or on a town center flag would be pretty cool imo.

I know its there but for an rts i feel its something the devs should take the lead on they will always know more than what we do or the players do no matter the level.

Ah well by trials i just mean challenges. A game setup in a way where we have to use ingenuity to win or some special condition in a way my example was.

a 2v1 (you being the 1) you start out at castle age they start out at starting age, but the circumstances are so differed that you have to work in a certain way to win or amongst those type of gameplay mechanics.