Idea: muddy ground

just thinking about the battle of agincourt, thought it might be interesting if there were areas of muddy ground on certain maps that would slow unit movement, could create some interesting tactical possibility’s

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A while ago we saw a thread expressing ideas related to terrain bonuses and the general consensus was that it wouldn’t improve gameplay in general, as everybody would simply avoid it or maps with it and complain about any issues it caused, but that it could be cool for campaigns, where having a niche setting to win would add to the difficulty level in a good way.

i dont see how its really any different then the advantage of holding the high ground on a map or choke points? seems like utilizing the terrain to your advantage would be part of the skillset of a general in real life, so why not in a game where the goal is to make you feel like a great military commander?

These ideas are really nice after we can pick our own colour, random is added, chat filter is not obnoxious, ladder is implemented, teams don’t disband if you quit a game, UI is not laggy as hell, observer mode functions, sacred site and wonder timers are added in observer mode, severely skewed RNG gets solved, replays can be downloaded and shared, winrates don’t fluctuate between 20- and 80%, match making is somewhat appropriate, descyn exploit (aka drophack) gets patched, several crashes with landmarks are solved (most namely swabia), map dodging gets solved (preferred via adding map vetoes), language preference is added (for team matchmaking with randoms) or auto translate is introduced, match making offset for arranged teams vs random teams is introduced, people getting punished for grieving, massive flame parades, hacking, leaving randomly, AI gets further developed to both help new players and be more of a challenge to better players, add more robustness to health bars, infantry should be unable to up to walls before the stone outpost even gets started with construction, relics to not disappear if their holder is killed/destroyed over water, and many many more.

First the things that are there should work appropriately. Lets build from there. Make no mistake; I come from Reforged so this game is a godsend from heaven, but let us not overdo it straight away.


Realism can be pushed a long ways to improve the quality one’s time against the AI, or with friends, however, in Quick Match or Ranked, many, very logical, tactical inclusions such as pronounced terrain advantages, can become a headache after a while when they, as they must, be almost forceful in getting players to adhere to certain paths around the map to engage or fall back to, thus orchestrating the gameplay to a greater degree than it otherwise would, effectively putting additional pressure on lower skilled players that they will need even more time to overcome, thus raising the skill ceiling, exacerbating the issue with ELO matchmaking in games like this.

Every other thing that must be learned and utilized effectively in a game makes the game more difficult to play. Most average players already struggle with the concept of choke points or unfavorable conditions (longbows vs knights). At present, the game is rather easy to learn and play casually with friends, I like it that way, but if they added something like terrain bonuses, I’d love to see what the Devs could come up with.

a very fair response, i definitely don’t think my idea was something that should take priority over fixing the game as it currently stands. would be perfectly happy if it was something they looked at a year or so down the line

I think the environmental bonuses could be a really good idea like this. I listened to a podcast recently on bioshock and how the idea for the original game is environment being a huge factor changing strategy and gameplay. Obviously its been used in a lot of games since then.

It would be cool if the biome selected (European Temperate, Taiga Summer, Taiga Winter, Steppes, Gobi Desert, Asian Temperate, Chalk Downs, Asian Subtropical.) had an impact on play style. This would add a new dimension of gameplay.

Definitely would be a way to keep the game fresh. Develop a strategy / playstyle from the onset that caters to the environment whether it is siege being slower due to rain or whatever else and pivoting more to a light infantry playstyle.

Programing wise, it should be pretty easy, just mod stats based on biome. (But would open up a new can of worms with balancing)

I rather like the idea of terrain bonuses. A muddy river crossing (think confluence, Danube river, Mongolian heights, etc), slowing down an advancing army, would be fun to see. However, I agree that this would likely anger people.

Take high ground, for example. You might expect a whole variety of different bonuses. Instead, the devs decided to just give a line-of-sight bonus, because of unfair map spawns that favor one player over another.

too much balance is actually a bad thing in my opinion. a certain amount of asymmetry creates drama and tension, i understand a lot of people take competitive player super seriously but to be honest this can come at the expense of fun game play. if you want a perfectly balanced game, play chess. that being said, i would be ok with the muddy ground be limited to custom games or AI skirmish, or maybe hand crafted maps, definitely not trying to ruin the games competitive potential