Idea of a new game mode

Something that I had thought about some time ago and that it seemed to me that could be implemented within the game would be, the battles between outlaws, we already have outlaws from North America, Africa, Asia and Europe, even USA and Mexico have their own type of outlaws, but I’ll get to the point.

What I had in mind was a game mode where you could only occupy outlaws on certain maps where there are railway lines or towns that have cheap buildings such as banks, and that the objective is to assault those places and take as much gold as possible, each Once you extract 500 or 1000 gold these will be put on a gold cart which you must take to your gang’s hideout, and the first to reach a certain number of stolen money or the one with the most wins, the players will make their gangs for the greedy loot, that is if the forces of law and order will not be the only ones to send soldiers, artillery and cavalry to stop the criminals.