Idea of new civs DLC

The Medieval Period is definitely considered to be roughly 500-1500, I don’t know what the heck that guy is talking about.

500-1000 = Early Middle Ages
1000-1250 = High Middle Ages
1250-1500 = Late Middle Ages

That is the dominant school of thought regarding periodisation of the Middle Ages/Medieval Era. The period of Late Antiquity may bleed into the early medieval age (the “Dark Age”), that doesn’t mean that those years can’t be considered Medieval as well.

High Middle Ages - Wikipedia.

I think we should all just ignore this thread and get some peace. There’s no serious discussion to be found here.


Especially when he’s blatantly defending stealing other civ bonuses.


Now I’m thinking that the dialogue for the Austrians would be the same as the Teutons because Austrians are a German group and as we all know, the Teutons represent the Germans.

No rudeness/hate intended by the way OP. I understand it takes effort to put together a lengthy post and I don’t mean to put you down - just don’t agree with your civ design and choices.