Idea: Random Civ ELO Boost

Just an idea, thoughts on giving an ELO boost to wins when a player picks random civ over selecting a civ on ranked games?

(obviously wouldn’t apply if both players pick Random civ)


Why would you need an elo boost for random civ if you play against the civ with lowest win dates, if that civ was picked.


Just floating the idea, but when random:

  • You can’t prepare a specific strategy
  • You can’t pick a civ based on map strength

To counter your argument, if you are picking a civ with a low win rate…there is generally a reason why.

While i agree elo system definitely needs to be changed since its inaccurate especially for TGs.

Corn has a point.

Imagine randomly getting mayans and facing picked porto in arabia. You deserve more elo for your win?

Yeh true, again though, vs someone who picked their fav power civ for the right map with a prepared strategy…you are still at disadvantage (although obviously a lot less).

Maybe ELO could be based on Civ selection too, eg. lower civ win rates yield higher ELO. Again, just a thought :slight_smile:

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Also, why should people who pick random civ end up with winrates < 50%
(The effect of getting ‘free’ elo)

Would be good imo. But in a perfect scenario this could work based on an automated scale that keeps track of all civ win rates around your elo. And then awards or removes elo bonuses relative to the civ win rates.

But then again in a perfect scenario, my 2v2,4v4, meta and minor civ, arranged and random team elo wouldn’t all be bundled into one practically irrelevant number.

I think there’s simply too much effort for the limited devs to resolve when they’re busy on other things

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