Idea/request: Make the x256 a toggle in the lobby, not an exclusive cheat

Seeing how some previous event rewards got repeated in the April patch, maybe there is a chance that they are bringing back the unlock of the x256 cheat via the May event?

In that case, I think they really have an opportunity, to not make the same mistake again by making it a cheat.

Making it a cheat kind of destroys the point of the x256 mode, since, if people want to use the benefits of the x256, they also have to enable cheats, which causes possibilities of other players ruining the fun by typing other types of cheats for free resources and other similar stuff.

Adding it as a toggle in the lobby, in the section where options such as Full Tech Tree or Shared Exploration are located, would be much better and straight forward for the game in my opinion. And it will bring a permanent fun way of playing for more casual players.

Some other lesser magnitude option should also be cool to have, for example 9x tech mod.


I second that. Probably even have a toggle for each Player, as i sometimes like to play me vs. 7 extreme AI but i have 256 Tech, which i dont want the AI to have.

Another Thing should maybe be that the carry capacity ist Limited to 100 Units or so, otherwise you may end Up Always having to force drop off your Farmers If you (accidently) research too much wheelbarrows.

Great idea to have the x256 inclusive as toggle in the lobby instead of just cheat.

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First off, I absolutely agree. I will say, from a programming perspective, this would be incredibly annoying. Not necessarily difficult (though, it probably would be).

I know it’s absolutely not a great comparison, but there is a game called Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. It’s literally the original game, but with a Star Wars coat of paint on it. Same engine, many of the same developers, and even a lot of the same code. The menus are something that really are not modifiable; at least not easily. As a frame of reference, it is more work to add one new check box in the menu than it is to make a whole new civ (assuming you already have the visual assets). Presumably they made the code more modifiable, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still a hyper pain.

That all being said, just wanted to share that info since I knew it. I’d absolutely love it being a tick box, as I missed the original event and I want my damn 256!! I just want any access to official 256, honestly. A tick box would be by far the most convenient and accessible version, however. If they did that, they could even offer it as an easily accessed (and very clearly defined) online gamemode. I honestly would play online for my first time ever if there was an easy way of matchmaking 256

I agree. Call it insane mode or give it a cooler name.