Idea: Select All Mills/LC/MC

Hello. If you’ve played DE you probably know it is possible to asign a hotkey to select all Barracks/Markets/Castles/TCs and so on. It can be done for almost any set of buildings, but not for Mills, Lumber Camps and Mining Camps, meaning that the only hotkey available for those buildings only allows you to select one of each (The “Go to __” hotkey), and going to the next one means pressing the hotkey again. Why could this be a (slight) problem?

• Whenever a player presses a “Go To” hotkey that selects one individual building, the camera moves to that building, which is not the case when pressing a “Select All” hotkey. So, whenever a player wants to research an eco upgrade from the 3 buildings mentioned, his screen will shift towards its position. I don’t think that is helpful at all in any case (in fact, it can be dangerous in tight spots), since I have never ever had the need to “look” at the building in order to research something from it.

• This one only applies to the mining camp, but if a player wants to research both Gold and Stone collection upgrades at the same time, then he has to go to a mining camp, research one, and then go to another mining camp and research the other. If there was a “Select All mining camps” hotkey then the player would just have to press the hotkey and click both upgrades at once.

Are these changes crucial for the game? Definitely not, but they can make for a better experience, and I thought the idea could be worth sharing.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!


I agree and have been asking for this for quite a while. The reason the devs refused this is that in their eyes they dont see the reason of why would someone want to select multiple lumber camps when there is only 1 tech to research, but they dont realise that the benefit the “select all” hotkey provides is much greater than that, and can allow us to research techs and train units without having our camera jump to that building.

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+1, devs pls implement this.

The only one i’d not replace “go to…” with “go to all …” out of those 3 buildings (i already have for blacksmith, market and uni) within my hotkey setup, would be lumber camp because i like to check the efficiency by cycling through them. Otherwise, i’d definitely benefit from all those hotkey should they be added;)

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The idea is to add these new hotkeys, but without replacing the ones we have now. This way, every player may have their own set of hotkeys adapted to their playstyle, so in your case you could have a select all for mills and MC, and select one for LC.

Noone says anything about replacing/removing general hotkeys:) I’m just saying that I replaced my usual “go to…” with “go to all…” hotkeys for maximum efficiency:) Would be pretty stupid if we, instead of getting “go to all mills” on top of “go to a mill”, ended up with just “go to all mills” whereas “go to a mill” would be removed…:wink: