[IDEA] Solution for storage pit

How many times has it happened that we had to collect a certain type of resource, but being close to a source of another resource the villagers once they built a storage pit would split.
With my idea this little problem is solved:
only during the construction of a storage pit there will be 5 icons (which will disappear once the storage pit is built) that allow you to change the initial resource collection input.
The all-resource icon is the default icon that sends villagers once the storage well is finished to collect nearby resources.
The food icon sends villagers to collect only food sources such as animals and fish.
The wood icon only sends the villagers to collect wood and so on for all the other icons.

  • Potentially these icons can also be selected with the hot keys, here are the ones I thought:
    All resources:a
  • Solution to solve a problem with this idea
    Example: if you click on the stone icon but once the storage pit is finished there is no source of it, the initial input of the villagers will return to the default one, that is to collect the nearby resources present.
    Let me know what you think and if it would be a feature to add to the game.
    p.s: I used the translator, I hope the text is correct.

Instead, I’d like an option to choose between automatically taking resources or standing next to the finished building until a new task is assigned.

Didn’t AOE:DE II had an option to added a functionality to “queue” actions?
I think that would be a better feature that could be used everywhere instead of just the storage pit.


I like that idea. Nothing more annoying than booming and sending 7-8 vills off to pit or build a TC far off while you’re doing 100 other things only to find 1 of them is mining the gold you built next to; while the rest are gathering wood etc far from the pit/TC


I’d love this. Last night I had collected some gold, which was actually scarce. I decided to create another storage pit, near to another gold mine… and, to my surprise, I had lost all the gold collected in the previous one due to villagers going to chop down trees (sadly, resources are lost when this happens).

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that would be also neat… but in all honesty, I want both features, not just this one. Something similar to what can be done with Mercant Ships when they trade resources for gold.

IMO the Magyars should get something like a storage pit and the 1 strike wolf bonus should be removed. The wolf bonus is useless with the latest patch and magyars could use a nice eco bonus. To balance it, the storage pit can cost like 125 wood.

This is not for Age 2, dude.


Yes. It would work. Best solution. You can use it in age 3 and aoe 2 de.


The idea implemented? If so, where can I download the mod?

No, this has not been added to the current game unfortunately.