Idea to keep comp stomp alive for casual player

On the hardest A.I. Can we have the A.I. Rush with 3-5 unit in tier one. Double in size in tier two and so on … this will implement the casual player to stop the rush and play defense. but the A.I. Will keep the pressure and maybe ADAPT their attack in different direction every 4min or so. But keep the army small so they don’t over whelm the players (raiding). A.I. Will also keep a small amount of army for defense and use their attacking army to fall back to help defend. When a player build a wonder building A.I. Attack with a full and large force and keep rebuilding their army to destroy the Wonder building then back to passive aggressive. What I’m trying to saying is keep the pressure and adapt.

I understand players will say why not play against other player then. Because other player will over micromanage as the game intend too, and we all hate losing. But with small army keeping the pressure that can be defeated (like in Champaign mode) can keep comp stomp alive!

Look at sc2 their comp stomp was fun and great for a few years but after the A.I. Does a repetitive over and over player knows exactly what to do and their community died out …

Just an idea don’t know if the DEV can implement and improve into their A.I. System or not