Idea to make wolves visible like boars/deer

So currently predator animals are not visible in the fog of war. I assume that is because they are considered an enemy type unit.

I quite like the idea of making them visible like boars/deer as personally even if I see them with my scout when moving villagers later I will forget the exact location and aggro them.

I think it could have various impacts, when sending vills forward you’re less likely to aggro them and lose hp or can choose not to take longer and aggro them anyway… but if you do aggro them your opponent can see them coming or dying like when you can tell an enemy is close because the deer start to scatter. On maps where you want to aggro and take them to your enemy like golden pit you can find them all faster… but again the enemy can see it coming too.

It’s not a big change. But I think it would be a positive change

Even then we never saw boars and deer hide in bushes and give a sudden attack, the lions, tigers and wolves often hide and make sneak attack :smiley:

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maybe this function can be added to as a civ bonus for a new lame civ

Its just going to make lamers lives easier and the game more lamer-friendly. Don’t see how that’s a positive change. Usually you can’t spot it if its in your unexplored area, which is mostly the case when you are pushing deer. If you’re someone who likes to lame or want laming to become more mainstream, sure its a positive change for you but not everyone likes it.

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You can change it with advanced genie editor for yourself.