Ideas about all units. Unpopular opinion (or not)

AoE4 is slowly getting better (slower than I’d like) and there’s something that could be quite fun about bringing a new mechanic into the game. If you like it, support the thread.


Apart from some abilities (passive or active) already built into some unique units, I think all units (including siege) could have 1 special ability (activated for 10-20s and cooldown of 60 seconds or more). Here I will show you some personal ideas:

  • Ranged light units: +1 range.

  • Ranged Gunpowder Units: 10-15% more attack. Including the bomb. The culverin would go separately.

  • Armored units: +1 armor to melee and ranged.

  • Light melee units: +15% attack speed or movement speed for horsemen and +20% movement speed for spearmen.

  • Siege in area: Increase one or two more bursts to the mangonel and a few more bursts to the ribadoquin and the NoB.

  • Springalds and Culverin: +1 range.

  • Ram and Trebuchet: +20-25% bonus against buildings.

This can be between 10-20 seconds (depending on unit type) and a cooldown of 60s or more. Regards.