Ideas for AoE 4

Move the time line from AoE 3 in the Americas forward to post 1776. AoE 4 will be based solely on America, unless Xpacs change that.

For Factions:

  1. Different Indians tribes (different tribes),
  2. Colonist,
  3. England,
  4. Spanish,
  5. French.
  6. When you bring the American Civil War xpac out add Blue (North) and Grey (South) factions.


  1. Rev War.,
  2. War of 1812,
  3. American Civil War, (Xpac)
  4. Spanish-American War,
  5. Indian Wars,
  6. (World War 1-2 maybe) (Xpac)

Please add more Ideas to the Thread to get this rolling!

@Torgrimmer said:
6. World War 1-2 maybe

World War won’t be nice for AOE. It will be nice for Rise of Nations.

I don’t see the point to focus in a single continent.

I greatly disliked the fact that they focused only on the Americas with AoE3. They should definitely not make the same mistake again with AoE4. Also, the timeline should be focused on the time before the fall of Rome.