Ideas for AOM:R to add some pizaz

Hello everyone!

Here are some ideas I have for some tweaks to the old civs for AOM:R to add them more “pizaz” (there will need to be more work for balance around it for sure). some are moderate and are more radical.

I would like to see what others think about them!


A bit radical change- Make all heroes have some sort of ability (E.G heal allies, special attacks, auras, etc…), also make it so major gods give access only to one hero while the others will be unlocked according to your minor god choice. (remove Hippocrates…)


Monuments are a bit boring- unless you are Isis there is no reason to build them in risky places, so the enemy usually destroy the monuments only in the process of destroying your entire base.
If monuments had some sort of aura for all Egyptian gods, it would be more interesting, here are some suggestions:

  • Monuments reduce the cost of recruiting units in nearby structures (~10%)
  • Gain more favor from buildings/production from buildings near a monument (something minor per structures)

These bonuses will only apply once, so overlapping monuments auras will not give more bonus.


  • A Heroic/Mythic age upgrade that makes ulfs and raiding cav generate gold (or other resource) when attacking buildings so those units have some more interesting uses beyond classic age even without specific minor gods upgrades.
  • Thor: Add an aura to the dwarven armory that increase production speed of nearby structures by ~20%. This will promote players to build more armories which is thematic for dwarves.

They lack a cavalry counter (other than Bragi’s ulfs), the addition of Bogsveigir gave them a unit with pierce damage, but also gave them a decent archer which ruins their uniqueness IMO, and with Axe Of Muspell there is no real need for another counter to flaying units.

  • Make Bogsveigir a hard counter to cavalry with low attack (3~4). I would prefer if it was a cavalry archer as they already have a lot of units that benefit from infantry line upgrade (even though its not accurate), but in order to do that the Chinese one have to be replaced…

I feel dwarves have too little use unless you are Thor (in that case they are great). Odin and Loki usually recruits 5~10 dwarves max if any at all (unless Ragnarock…). Giving them some other utility might create a more interesting choice:

  • Give a trickle of gold when they work on other resources
  • Can build/fix structures (but this may harm Norse uniqueness)
  • Can build a mine instead of farm to generate gold.
  • Give gold when they attack enemy structures (maybe as an upgrade that also increase their attack bonus? suppers anyone? :wink: )
  • Can be transformed to siege weapons instead of ulfs / build siege weapons (aoe4 style). This might be op.


  • Make heroes cheaper the more kills the unit has (~10% per kill).
  • (controversial) cheiroballista upgrade from archer line upgrades while Turma from cavalry line upgrades (having a different upgrade logic from other cives- all units that counter a certain type have the same upgrade).

Their favor mechanic is problematic- You don’t build a TC for favor, you build a TC for its other many uses and get favor as a side-effect.
I suggest adding the “Township” mechanics that was scrapped in the development:

  • Basically, Atlanteans can build a cheap, weak structure on top of a settlement that only grant favor and doesn’t act as a TC and then if they want a TC they can upgrade it to a TC (each is upgraded individually).
    Maybe Gaia would be able to recruit citizens from a township but with increased cost and longer time.
  • Another option- gain additional favor per structure/production right next to a TC up to a certain maximum per TC (reduce what you get from a TC alone to balance it)

Chinese will need an entire thread for themselves so maybe next time…:stuck_out_tongue: