Ideas for Bulgarians

New civ bonus: villagers can deposit resources at kreposts and castles.

-Bulgarians definitely needs more eco bonus to support knights fights since castle age. I would say this bonus may not be a big one, but it must be fun to build farms around a 3*3 krepost.

Castle age UT: stirrup, reduce reload time 15% instead of 25%, but can affect cavalry archers.

-I think calvary archers should use stirrup, so the UT should also affect them. But -25% reload time is too strong for knights in castle age and hussars in late game trash units fight and calvary archers.

(Elite) konnik: +1/+2 attack, (elite) dismounted konnik: +1/+2 attack

-Because stirrup is too strong, konniks without stirrup are nerfed to be too weak. So stirrup should be nerfed and konnik itself should be buffed.

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i’m trying to decide if this is serious or not, and while i cannot detect any sarcasm, i also cannot think of any reason you’d want to build farms around a krepost or a castle.

as for faster firing cav archers. that’s already a civ bonus


First, the tech is fine as is, and second, Mongols already have fast firing cavalry archers.

Not neccesary Konniks are fine.
If anything that Bulgarians could get is Cheaper Siege techs, free siege engineers and Bagains affecting dismounted konniks.


Build farms around a krepost can be very safe, like a malian tigui TC. Also this bonus save 100~200W when each krepost/castle are built.
And i know faster firing CA is a mongol civ bonus, but mongol players rarely use CA, they use mangudai.

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at the cost of the stone to build a krepost.

doesn’t matter, the point is to have unique bonuses for civs.

The bonus affects mangudai too. Also this stirrup change will make their civ focus into cav archer+hussar civ, not a infantry-cavalry one


Maybe you are right. Bulgarian CA is not a bad unit atm, only missing the third armor upgrade. I just want to give Bulgarians an option like Japanese or Saracens which have full tech CA.

they have great infantry and cavalry, they don’t need great archers on top of it.

OK, I know the rule that unique bonuses for civs. But I still don’t think saving wood is a bad idea. Britons save 50% wood per TC, and if you build 2 TCs you save 275 wood. If Bulgarians build 2 kreposts near wood and farm around them, they literally save 400 wood. In castle age I don’t think a TC worth 275W 100S is that much cheaper than a krepost worth 350S.

If you want a good option for them which is historicallyaccurate is giving a Siege strenght like my ideas that I mentioned (40-50% Cheaper Siege Techs; Free Siege Engineers) and making Bagains affecting Dismounted Konniks (Which put emphasis at the Konnik’s identity).

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except its 275 wood and 50 stone. and it helps you keep producing workers. and frankly, you don’t NEED to build a TC. you could always build a mill.


I’m comparing with other civs’ eco bonus so I count a TC as 100S. And kreposts help you to train strong army. And a krepost is much safer than a mill against raiding.

except it is factually wrong to compare with other civs ecos. you need to compare to bulgarians other options.
a krepost can train an army true, and keep me safe true, but that doesn’t mean i have to put my workers around it. build a couple in my base for defense and plop the mill beside it.
or mill beside my TC. either way, its a lot cheaper to build a TC or Mill then a Krepost.

yeah, i agree with you that Bulgarians don’t need strong archers now. The CA atm is enough for Bulgarians.

and yet you just wanted to make their cav archers benefit from stirrups why?

It is true that TCs and mills are cheaper. But in many scenes you will build several kreposts, then you will surely save some wood. To be honest, I just think Bulgarians need some eco bonus and come up with this idea, which I think is fun and unique.
Bulgarians do need some eco bonus because its bad performance atm, don’t you think so?

Because anyone riding a horse can use stirrups, 11

there is this wonderful thing called balance that has to be taken into account. and bulgarians are not a cav archer civ.

they have 2 eco bonuses as is. i’d rather figure out another way to make bulgarians better.

like these.

Having siege onagers is enough. 40% cheaper Tech is too strong for upgrading siege onagers
or siege ram and free siege engineers can be ok, but both have no effect in castle age which is the weakest period of Bulgarians.

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Keep in mind the civ lack a good ranged support (take for example the Slavs).