Ideas for Changing of supplies and m@a

Wdym, I like Goths the way they are.

Honestly, it is super hard to communicate with you. Please stop spamming in my thread.

Just because you’re not winning the discussion doesn’t make it spamming.

The civ boni arent really a big issue as mentioned by others. They can be simply adjusted accordingly. And your argument is just No way, I just like the civ that way. I dont know it is an argument. What is your point exactly?

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My point is this change will just damage the game. Eagle warriors started with the high gold cost. Changing militia-line cost is awful because it affects every civilization. At this point it’s just agree to disagree.

Actually, militia having lower food cost but higher gold cost in mid game makes them easier to counter eagles. And after new supplies, the cost just remain the same, 45F/20G. I dont understand the point of damaging the game

Why do you want this change so bad? Its not the cost of militia units that makes them lacking, it’s their speed.

As I said, to make militia be relevant from feudal to castle age, base cost afjustment is needed along with some stat change.

Imagine eagles have their food/gold cost flipped, costing 50F/25G instead. Eagles would be too bad to require so many farms, hurting booming while producing eagles. Speed is an issue that they get hit and run by skirm. Just buff base speed to 1

So can you point out how the cost change badly affect militia?

Because that’s only three civilizations, and it might impact the game more than you think.

So how can it affect?

Major switch in build orders, and also, men at arms train way faster than archers and eagles, so keeping up with production is way harder.

Archers can still counter m@a. Scout rush is the meta now.

Btw, you will produce eagles in feudal age?

I find this is very important. Militia rush is seen less and less (at least on pro play) because they can’t do enough damage equivalent to their cost.


Yeah. 3 men-at-arms get absolutely slaughtered, but 5 can be a bit of a nuisance, fortunately.

I think Militia should have 6 attack instead of 4.

Give militia and m@a +5hp instead of more attack?

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I think m@a is also seen less than before.

MAA will give only 5 HP for 100 food, 40 gold, 40 seconds. You need to make MAA attack stronger as well.

Same thing I proposed above.

+10 HP for MAA instead of +5.


I am neutral for this change. As scout rush is meta now, we see a lot of either scout+skirm or scout+ archers. Feudal war is quite one-dimensional. +2 vs scout will be more helpful for m@a.