Ideas for mechanics in AoE4

This is the first time I’ve created a topic, because I wanted to have a place where we could discuss ideas for unique mechanics for both the released factions or for possible DLC factions and I didn’t find a place in the forum where this topic was being discussed. I’ll start.
I have ideas for two factions: the upcoming HRE and a possible Spaniards faction. So one of my ideas for representing the several HRE electorates would be through a “Requesting Assistance” or (Bribing the Electorates) mechanic where you as either an unnamed lord or the Duke of Austria in the HRE request the aid of one of your electorates. How do you do that? Well I haven’t decided if wether you build a structure called something like the “Electorate Assembly” or just have it from the Town Center from age 2 onwards, but the basics of the idea are that you can select one of the seven electorates [Trier, Cologne, Mainz (maybe we could fuse these three as only one electorate and call it the Archbishoprics of Trier, Cologne and Mainz), Bohemia, the Palatinate, Saxony and Brandenburg] and, by paying 500 gold for example, you unlock a tier of assistance from that electorate, usually in the form of a bonus like, for example, Trier at tier one will give you a cost reduction of 10% to Prelates. There would be about 3-5 tiers per elector and by the end you could get either a unique unit, tech or building from each elector! There is a tricky part though: each time you request assistance from an elector, the cost for the other electors tiers will raise 25%, so a possible strategy would be to continue alternating in between the several electors, so that you can save the maximum amount of gold in this system.
Now, I’ve already posted my idea of a Spaniards faction in some other thread, but here goes again. One of the problems that arises from the way AoE4 is being created is that there isn’t much room for alot of factions and since Spain for the majority of the time frame was divided into several small kingdoms, I propose a simple mechanic to solve this issue: a “Royal Marriage” (or a “Throne Claiming” mechanic if you wish) sort of mechanic. How does it work? My idea would be to tie the Age up/Landmark mechanic with this Royal Marriage mechanic. So you’d start in age I as the Kingdom of Asturias with very few boni and possibly only one UU and, as you progress to age 2 you can choose a Landmark that will symbolize a Royal Marriage with one of 3 different Spanish Kingdoms (Kingdom of Galicia, Kingdom of Navarre and Principality of Catalonia). So, for example, if you build the Santiago Cathedral, it means you’ve accepted the RM with Galicia and you’d win some bonuses that represent Galicia, like your Towers deal a bonus damage against ships and siege equipment. You’d also get to choose another to claim another “Throne” when you age up to age 3 out of other 3 Kingdoms of Spain (Kingdom of León, Crown of Castille and Crown of Aragón), and this time you would most likely get a new unique tech, building or unit (like Almughavars if you pick Aragón for example). However, when you age up to age 4, you can only build one Landmark (possibly something like the Inquisitors Palace), since it symbolizes the unification of Spain. In this final age you could receive more UUs like a Conquistador or a Rodelero for example and some unique techs like Tercio System or Jesuit Education. What do you guys think?

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