Ideas for new campaigns and additions to existing civilizations

We know that the next DLC will focus on campaigns, so I’m proposing this topic to imagine future campaigns for civs that don’t have any, and second campaigns for the others. I’m not going to imagine any future civs, so we’ll only have the one in the current game, and I’m doing this without counting any possible civilization splits.

1.Turks :

playable faction: Turks

-Turk Campagn : Mehmed II : 6 missions

  • Unification : Mehmed is trying to keep control of the Ottoman court and combat the conspiracies.
  • On land and at sea : assault on the walls of Constantinople and naval battle for the Golden Horn
  • War in Anatolia : Ottoman and Akkoyunlu armies clash near Otlukbeli
  • Attack on Hungary : Ottomans and Tatar mercenaries battle Hungarians and Poles for control of the region.
  • Capture of Négrepont : sea blockade against the city
  • Conquest of Crimea : big naval battle against the venitians.

New unit acces :

  • Steppe Lancer (not acces to elite)

Enemy factions: Bysantines/Italians/Vikings/ Poles/Turks/Hungarians

2. Viking :

Playable faction : Viking

  • Viking campaign: Harald Hardrada : 6 missions
  • In exil :
  • Byzance ! :
  • In Sicily :
  • Invasions of Denmark :
  • Invasion of England :
  • Battle of Stamford Bridge :

New unit added :

  • Mounted Crossbow (replaces cavalery archer) : for Vikings / Franc / Burgundy / HRE / Italian

  • Gardingi : for Goth, new unique unit in castle

New unit acces :

  • Huskarl : become regional unit for Vikings / Goth / British

- Enemy factions: Celt, British, Viking, Goth

  1. Chinese :

Playable faction : Chinese

- Chinese campaign: 3 kingdoms : this 6-mission campaign, 2 missions by major event, the campaign ends with the fall of Wu

  • 263 Sima Zhao conquers the capital of the Shu Kingdom. Emperor Lui Shan moves to the Wei Kingdom. Their territory is annexed to the Wei Kingdom.
  • 265 Sima Yan leads a coup against the Wei Kingdom. Cao Huan abdicates in favor of the latter. The Kingdom of Wei is replaced by that of Jin, and Sima Yan becomes Emperor.
  • 280 Sima Yan, founder of the Jin dynasty (265-420), ended the Three Kingdoms period by annexing Wu.

New unit acces:

  • Hand cannoneer

New Building added :

  • Tulous (circular village) : 100 woods and 50 stones, 20 dwellings and can garrison 10 villagers

Enemy factions: Chinese, Mongols

  1. Crusade :

playable factions: French, British,Teutons, Byzantine/Berber/Saracenic

  • Crusade campaign: 6 missions based on a famous crusade siege or battle, each with a different playable faction.

New unit added :

  • Gendarme (replaces the current franc paladin with a new skin and gives him a charge skill)

  • Qizilbash Warrior and elite for Persians

Enemy factions: Saracens/ Berbers/ Byzantines/ French/ British/ Italian/ Teutons/ Persians

I’ll update my first post when I have more ideas or if I see interesting ones.


Why not call this cavalry unit Gendarme?

The Franks could also get the Couillard as well which will be an unique trebuchet for them.

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Three kingdoms is aoe era I think.They lost to the mongols why should that become a campaign for them?

It’s always funny seeing people try to take Paladins away from the Franks when they’re the only civ that should realistically have units called “Paladin”.


I hope all these new units and buildings are strictly only for campaigns and vs AI.

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Because france had a chivalry corps called Gendarme, but it could also be called paladin franc, as in the editor.

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The in-game [Paladin] unit, and the [Frankish Paladin] as well, is inspired by the fictionalised Charlemagne’s Twelve Peers, who were the 12 legendary Paladins that were said to be the foremost members of Charlemagne’s court. And they were apparently first mentioned in the medieval epic poem called “Chanson de geste”, where they play a similar role to the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian romance (Matter of Britain).

The “Matter of France” which is a tale of mythology and legends springs from this Chanson de geste literature. In addition, I happened to find some interesting insight on Reddit concerning the credibility of the said Paladins of Charlemagne. Other sources that can be found on the internet also suggest that these Paladins were for the most part fictional.

The French Gendarme companies, who actually existed, were heavy cavalrymen of noble birth that served in the French army from the Late Middle Ages to the early modern period. They were apparently regarded as one of the finest heavy cavalry forces in Europe.

I find it even more funny that you and those that support your post want to give the Franks a second unique unit that is based on fiction.

Edit: According to what is stated on the Age of Empires 2 wiki under the trivia for the [Paladin], a more correct and encompassing name for this unit would be to call them [Allodial Knight]. It is also suggested on the wiki page for the [Cavalier] that a better name for them would be [Knight Banneret]

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why ?
my dream would be for all civs to be at least 2 unique units or buildings

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I dont want to be mean but most of these campaign ideas seem quite bad. Not saying the campaigns would be bad, you could make a great campaign out of almost anything, but I think the concepts you choosed have problems with either a lack of scope and/or would lead to hard to execute narrative.

This is my least favorite one. Simply way too specific of am event to sretch over 6 scenarios imo. You would be facing the same walls time and time again, I think it would get tiring

I think goibg for a campaogn over Mehmed the conqueror would allow for a good enough exploration ofbthe fall of Constantinople while also allowing for a greater scope and more interesting narrative

I prefer Suleiman for a Turk campaign either way

This one would be fine, although I would prefer to just choose one of the Ragnar’s sons (or maybe Haesteinn) and just explore their lives instead of just focusing on one invasion. Campaigns where you always face the same people can work, but theres a reason some people get bored of fighting the Chinese over and over in the Vietnamese campaign, it has to be done with a lot of care

The fact all the Viking leaders here are closely related and the time period isnt that extensive could also keep the narrative strong

This is out of the time period

This one seems too extended in time and unfocused to lead to a good narrative, and in general too selflimiting for really no reason

And do we need a campaign only focused on fieghting the Mongols? Havent we had enough campaigns fighting the Mpngols already to do this?

I think this time period for these specific civs is already explored well enough, that the civ selection is somewhat limited, and that you couldnt do a narrative out of these events, but on itself the concept would work fine as a Bartles of the Conquerors style campaign

Also the Gendarme is so unnecesary and the chinese unique building seems a bit useless


Thats a very obnoxious want. Please dont make that a reality beyond scenario or you’ll ruin PvP

Cmon everyone wants every civ to have 2 unique units 50 regionals. What happened to the design philosophy that used to be the norm?!!

Maybe im just the old guard of civ craft/design philosophy and we’re a dying breed!

This list doesn’t include all civs. Just these units getting unlocked to these civs creates huge imbalance. Chinese will be overpowered at top level, Paladin with charge for Britons, Franks and the other civs you’ve mentioned is OP as well. Wouldn’t mind Turks getting lancers without elite much though.


Despite this, I think it would work better in AoE2 than AoE1, since the Chinese were using crossbows, polearms and trebuchets/mangonels, rather than chariots. I think there’s a Filthydelphia campaign based on it, in fact.

That said, I agree with @TungstenBoar – these suggestions are either too specific or too broad.

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It could work for a campaign like Battle of the Conquerors where it’s just miscellaneous scenarios.


This is too narrow of a timeframe for a campaign. That being said, it is a good idea to include the Fall of Constantinople, as that is arguably one of the most important event between 1400-1500.

I would recommend a campaign based on the life of Mehmet II (the Sultan at that time). The campaign could include the following battles:

  • Battle of Varna (1444) or Battle of Kosovo (1448)
  • Fall of Constantinople (1453)
  • Siege of Belgrade (1456)
  • Night Attack of Targoviste (1462)
  • Battle of Otlukbeli (1473)
  • Siege of Shkodra of Ottoman-Venetian War (1479)

The enemies in this campaign could be a mix of Hungarians, Byzantine, Poles, Italians (Mercenaries), Teutons (Crusader Coalition), Turks/Persians/Tatars (Karamanids). Some way to represent the Wallachians is also needed.

Three-kingdom is too early. Mongol invasion is very hard to portray in a narratively cohesive manner, as the Chinese before the Mongol invasion is split between the Jin, Xi Xia, and Song (and Dali, and Kara Khitai).

I would recommend instead the Chinese Campaign be focused on Tang Taizong (Li Shimin). The campaign could have the following battles:

  • Battle of Hulao (621)
  • Subjugation of the Eastern Turks (629-630)
  • Conquest of Tuyuhun (634-635)
  • Tibetan Attack on Songzhou (638)
  • Subjugation of the Western Turks (640-648)
  • Tang/Silla Goguryeo/Baekje War (645-660)

The enemies in this campaign could be a mix of Chinese, Mongols/Kipchaks (Eastern Turk), Persians/Turks (Western Turks), Koreans, and Japanese (Japanese intervention in support of Baekje). Some way to represent the Tibetans and Tanguts (Tuyuhun) is also needed.


Same way its done right now use chinese.

Same way its done now use slavs.


Pick the “closest” existing civ (probably Slavs and Chinese respectively, as @Mahazona says), then use triggers to alter the tech tree. There are at least a couple of examples in official campaigns – the Qizilbash in Ismail (Persians with Qizilbash warriors) and Liege in Grand Dukes of the West (Franks with organ guns and Castle Age hand cannoneers). For example, I think Tibetans tended to use heavily armoured cavalry, so make them Chinese with either paladins or cataphracts.

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I have just updated following some comments (especially the turks and chinese campaign part).

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From what I can interpret for your suggestion of the [Mounted Crossbowman] unit it seems that you want to make it into an unique unit for the Vikings only. If that is the case, it would be better if it were a regional unit instead which will replace the [Cavalry Archer] for some of the European civilisations in the game.

The [Huskarl] could possibly be turned into an unique unit for the Vikings instead in the future since they originated from Scandinavia. Or the Huskarl could be a regional unit for both the Goths and the Vikings. As for the Goths they could in turn get the Gardingi (Visigoth Retinue), which will be an unique cavalry unit for them, and a Falxman unit as well as suggested by @FourCloud176402.

@BassDiamond4661 If I happened to misinterpret your suggestion could you then make it more clear in your post that the [Mounted Crossbowman] is going to be a regional unit?

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Or Harald Hardrada (1030-1066)…

Yes, but it’s still very early for the game…remember that it starts in 394 CE…you can choose any Chinese emperor or general between the Liu Song (420-479 CE) and Ming (1368-1644 CE) dynasties…

Yes, that seems good to me…at some point they have to give us some campaigns in the 6th and 7th centuries (that is, hello, rise of the Arabs)…


What does? The Three Kingdoms period was earlier than that – AD 220 to 280.