Ideas for new campaigns and additions to existing civilizations

I think he meant that the Three Kingdoms period is outside the timeframe, which it is.

Good idea. The campaigns could span across Scandinavia, Kievan Rus, Byzantium, and Britain, which would present a variety of enemies and allies.


Oh I see, yes, he means AoE2 starts in 394 – it’s the year of the earliest official campaign scenario.

I am familiar with the history of Magyars. I suggest Louis of Hungary (Nagy Lajos). He was known for his battles against the Lithuanians, Turks, Bulgarians, Neapolitans, Venetians, Vlachs and various Slavs. Another candidate is Matthias Corvinus, but Magyars’ tech tree is best suited for Louis.


No, Huskarl isn’t a Goth term. Either rename the current unit or remove it from Goths, don’t make it available for the last people that should get them.


Yeah, that i mean…the Three Kingdoms period is contemporaneus with the Third Century Crisis (that is appears in the missions of Aurelianus, Odenathus and Queen Zenobia in AoE 1)…

Yeah, i agree…we need more snowly missions in AoE 2…

Yeah, i agree…maybe Matthias Corvinus could be a Croat campaign too…

I always thought a 1st Crusade campaign would work really well, but given we have the defence of Antioch in the Sicilian campaign it might be a little weird. But theres definitley enough scenarios to make a campaign featuring the 1st Crusade and the aftermath. I think it could make for a really good co-op campaign as well as the 2 biggest groups were the French and Sicilian normans, with various heroes like Baldwin, Raymond, Godfrey for the French and Bohemond and Tancred for Sicilians.

I can concede that Paladins are a fantasy unit, but I’m constantly complaining about Woad Waiders, Gbetos, Organ Guns, War Wagons and Throwing Axemen, none of which belong in the time period/civ they were assigned to, and people say to keep them because nostalgia/balance or some other bullshit.

And as I said, Huskarl is not a Goth term, but for whatever reason people want to turn it into a regional unit instead of just renaming it.

The issue here is that ingame Franks represent both early Franks and French.



playable faction: Sicilians, Teutons, Italians

-Sicilian Campaign : Frederick II of Sicily

  1. The Conquest of the Holy Roman Empire Crown:
    A first phase where you must march from Italy to Germany, avoiding the Lombard Enemies. In the second phase starts the battle against Otto IV and his allies
  2. The Excomunicate’s Crusade:
    A resistance scenario where you must resist to the assaults of the saracen and turkish enemies until you don’t achieve an agreement with Al-kamil, the sultain.
  3. Doming the Rebels:
    Back in the Sicily kingdom you must domain the rebellion of some italian cities and of the saracens in Sicily.
  4. The Rebel Son:
    You must fight against Henry, the son of Frederick, rebel to his father. He controls the cities (and the trade’s gold). You controls the great german lords and their troops.
  5. The Cortenuova Battle:
    The war against the second lombard league. You can win in two ways. You can beat the big enemy (city of Brescia) or all the others more little cities. Secondary goal is capture the symbol of the lombard league to diminish their morale.
    6.The Last Battles:
    Map severed in two. The first is the German war scenario, with Conrad, son of Frederick, against several usurpers. The second is near to Rome. Frederick must avoid to enough cardinals reach Rome (by land or by sea) to partecipate at the pope council for deposing him, until Conrad wins.