Ideas for new eco bonuses for civs in need

I was thinking about some new eco bonuses, as most available ideas are already taken, lake specific civs having a bonus in some specific villager task, stat or resource gathering. Some already have a free eco tech. Latest new eco bonuses have been more unique and original like the Vietnamese and Khmer But I realized about an interesting simple bonus that hasn’t been used, some bonus related with cheaper and/or faster repairing buildings, siege and ships. Repairing usually takes a lot, but with a bonus about this could be interesting in the gameplay of the civ that gets it.
Imagine Portuguese, that are naval and don’t really excel at it, it would be cool if they had a faster and or cheaper ship repair. Something similar could happen with siege, you could repair damaged trebs or canons faster, and maybe cheaper as they cost gold. Don’t know which civ should get it, ideas?
About faster repairing buildings it’s a bit harder. I don’t know which civ could need it, and it should have some limits, like maybe the bonus is reduced in castles, and only up to three villagers can repair faster a single building.
Cheaper building repair is less attractive, as the main reason people don’t repair as much is because of the time it takes more than the cost, which isn’t that much (except for TC). That why i think that this bonus would be more interesting if being added with the faster repairing.
Just making a suggestion about this bonuses for civs that might need some eco boost. They aren’t big bonuses or noticeable an economic bonus, but still they may give interesting gameplay to some underused civs or boost a civ speciality that isn’t as strong as it should be.

Maybe we first count civs, wich have no eco bonus and we try to give them bonuses fits them.
Civs without eco bonuses or with really small ones:

  • Bulgarians
  • Byzantines
  • Goths
  • Koreans
  • Magyars
  • Portuguese
  • Saracens
  • Turks

Bulgarians have TC Stone discount.
Byzantines have cheap Imp and cheap Trash units.
Goths have cheap Infantry, Boar killrate and Hunter gather bonus.
Koreans have universal unit Wood discount bonus.
Magyars have cheaper Scout line and free Infantry + Cavalry attack upgrades.
Portuguese have universal unit Gold discount and Feitoria.
Saracens have cheap Markets and the best Market trade rate.
Turks have a large Gold gather bonus and free Scout line upgrades.

All those civs have Eco bonii. They might not be great Eco bonii, but they have them.

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Dont forget the stone gather bonus! I love it to steal some stone from my enemy…

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I completely forgot about it.

I really like the idea of cheaper repair, especially in relation to ships and siege. Make repairing those cheaper and you’d have a micro-intensive, but really powerful bonus on your hands.

Congratulations, you made me find a linguist. I quote:

Second declension nominative masculine Latin endings for the singular and plural are “-us” and “-i” respectively; and never -ii. Combine these endings with the root word: “bon-”, and you get bon-us and bon-i, but not bon-ii.

Only for a word whose root already ends with an i (such as sagittari-us) could you have a double-i (as in sagittari-i).

On a grammatical-ish note, the Latin word “bonus, boni” is typically used as an adjective that means ‘good, honest, brave, noble, etc’. When used as a noun, it means ‘good/moral/honest/brave man, man of honor, gentlemen’, and either meaning technically makes the sentence nonsensical.

So bonii is not only not correct latin, even if it were, it would mean something completely different from what you intend.


Still boni, though.

Good research, I m glad this is such an academic forum.

That would be the singular form. The correct plural form in latin is ‘bona’.

That said, neither one means bonus. They mean good/moral/honest/brave.

" bonus intensifies "




  1. nominative masculine plural of bonus
  2. genitive masculine singular of bonus
  3. genitive neuter singular of bonus
  4. vocative masculine plural of bonus



  1. nominative plural of bonus
  2. genitive singular of bonus
  3. vocative plural of bonus


we still have free balistics as a possible bonus or cheaper university techs (only indirect eco bonus by saving resources)

Reveal all gold at start (like burmese relics) would be an intersting and strong new bonus.

once researching men at arms/feudal age the next 3 millita line units trained are free (something to reflect the crusaders on their way to jerusalem pass by lisbon and help the portuguese for free to siege the city)

Vietnamese Paper Money could grant a gold trickle like a relic to the researching player.

Hunting Bonus like Khmer Farms has been discussed.

Villager extra HP would help against rading, sliglty strenghening the eco in some way

Extra HP on Farms/Fish Trap could be a very weak “eco” bonus since this part of your eco survives longer

A special building which costs 100w that acts as mining camp, lumbercamp and mill all in once (just like tc) that allows all techs to be researched of these 3. Werid buff, i dont like it but something new nontheless.

Bring back hunting dogs tech in the mill for some civ only

let millitia line units build towers, maybe castles or some prodcution buildings

get 15 food back everytime you lose a villager, like saracen monks

make the trade workshop a unique building to garrison up to 10 villagers, for every villager a gold trickle is granted, similiar to feitoria but with the extra need of garrison

a special tobacoo plantage like a farm but it collects gold (this is straight from aoe3 and a bad idea for this game)

special millitary building that acts like a barrack and archery range at once, call it garrison or something

wonders gererate ressources, like in koth, so a feitroia without pop cost (i once played in HD a ffa match with a datamod which did exactly this to casltes and it wasnt pretty. playing with unlimited ressources sucks)

for every killed unit receive 3 gold

for every killed villager receive the ressources the enemy vill currently carried

can create villagers in houses in imperial age (brits have this in aoe3 as a card)

villager cost some wood instead of some food. (in aoe 3 indian vills cost wood instead, dutch cost gold instead)

receive a free swordmen for every barrack on built completion,
a free archer for every archery range
a free scout for every stable,
a free monk for every church

Lots of these ideas suck, i was just brainstorming things we dont have in game yet. Traditional gather rate buffs or free eco techs, discounts are all pretty much taken.

Dude, literally right down the page it says:


bonus ( feminine bona , neuter bonum , comparative melior , superlative optimus or optumus , adverb bene ); first/second-declension adjective

  1. good, honest, brave, noble, kind, pleasant

Antonym: malus

  1. right
  2. useful
  3. valid
  4. healthy

The correct word for ‘bonus’ would rather be ‘adcessio’, or in plural, ‘adcess-iōnēs’.

The word does not mean what you think it means and makes no sense in either english or latin. Stop being such an idiot and just use proper english.

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HI, I have a couple ideas for eco bonuses (which I thought for a new Pruépecha/Tarascan Civilisation, but I think 35 civs is enough) but the ideas could still be adapted:

The second one is indirect as it is money saving.
Or, this resource drop off building. If it could make vils after a castle age tech or something then it would be a big bonus as well.

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we still have free balistics as a possible bonus or cheaper university techs (only indirect eco bonus by saving resources)

On another tread i propose the free ballistics for the italians, since they need a land bonus, and it would be on theme as archer that counter fast moving cavalry.

Vietnamese Paper Money could grant a gold trickle like a relic to the researching player.

To right now is a good tech, costing only food and wood.

Hunting Bonus like Khmer Farms has been discussed.
Bring back hunting dogs tech in the mill for some civ only

Definitely OP

get 15 food back everytime you lose a villager, like saracen monks

Actually this is a nice idea, but maybe as a unique tech in castle/imperial.

There are other nice ideas, but i fear they aren’t possible to implement them in aoe2 game structure.

Without having access to the game source code and without any deeper understanding of the engine, it is very diffictvto say what is possible to implement and where are the limits.

Some of these things aren’t doable with the current genie editor and would require a exe edit and not only a easy data mod change so it is on the harder side.

Yes of course, but I mean that some of them differ a lot from the standard game.

Yeah, that was to goal, sin e in the standard game is very little room left for new bonii

Well not necessarily, there are lot of technologies that could still be given for free or discounted, most of the civs are already pretty much different from one to another, some of them just need some buff or tweaks.
Also the idea of coping the Saracen monk bonus is good and could be applied to a lot of things.

Every civ needs and eco bonus? I dont know if i would agree…

We have many options, like partial but stronger versions of egzisting bonuses. For example, lasting longer trees/fish/berrys/stone/gold - part of Mayan bonus. (Fish will be good for Portugal)

Cheaper military buildings still can be used, as well as cheaper houses and monasteries.

Wonder generation of resources is very nice, not only for some but for all civs. It will be a reason to build Wonder even if victory is conquest.

It will be nice also have posibility to extract part of resources during destruction of enemy buildings (by meele units) (I also think villagers should be able to deconstruct buildings, btw)

Coping the Saracen monk bonus also will be intresting.